Julie MacDonald


Founder of parenthood website The Daily Juggle Julie MacDonald is a TV presenter, businesswoman and mum who can speak with warmth and wit about the challenges faced by working parents. With Al Jazeera since 2006 she also offers a fascinating insight into the newsgathering process at home and abroad. Her documentary “Scotland the Brave” has won many plaudits for its challenging and unique take on the Independence issue. Knowledgeable, engaging and full of humour, "Julie is an accomplished speaker and host for any audience."

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A television presenter, campaigner and mum Julie MacDonald has a huge range of experiences, issues and interests to draw on. Combining warmth and authority, her down-to-earth style has won her rave reviews as a news anchor covering the world’s biggest stories for Al Jazeera, Sky, BBC and Five News

A perceptive and engaging interviewer, Julie brings out the best in guests and thrives on debate and discussions. She has hosted and facilitated a huge range of conferences and other events and is much in demand for corporate videos. Clients have included Tarmac, Thames Water, Qatar Gas and the Coop. She also has partnerships with the People Tree ethical fashion label and with the Red Cross, where she’s their media coach.

Julie has taken a keen interest in the independence issue surrounding her native Scotland and has won plaudits for her documentary “Scotland the Brave” - a unique examination of the referendum.

Crisis management and corporate communications are among her specialties. Themes include “Taking a stand against beige corporate communications. Out with the beige and in with the believable!”

Julie is also a successful business woman and a strong believer that raising kids is tougher than dodging bullets and the challenge of juggling parenthood with a career is an issue close to her heart. Founder and owner of The Daily Juggle website she says it is a "A working mum's guide to staying sane and having a life".

A trained life coach she is a powerful motivational speaker, who can also deliver knowledge, warmth and wit.

.Julie speaks about the Motherhood Myth, Parenthood & the Press and Why 'Perfect Parenthood' is hurting us all.

She also provides fascinating insight into news coverage here and abroad. Her experiences include coming under fire on the West Bank when cycling through

the Middle East for the “Follow the Women” campaign. Her business speech is about making money on-line, building a subscriber list and Tribe on-line.


"Having worked with Julie in both Doha and London, I've witnessed countless examples of her saving the show, with the most recent example being a 7 minute ad-lib while everything else around us fell down.

Al Jazeera London

"Julie is unflappable, always well briefed and looks great on screen. She's a delight to work with."

Al Jazeera Europe



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