Adventure Speakers

Adventure speakers and explorers who offer thrilling speeches and are experts in their fields whether it be climbing Everest, rowing the Atlantic, sailing the Pacific, free climbing the world’s tallest buildings or running seven marathons in seven days. Our leading adventure speakers, explorers, expedition leaders and travel experts have in-depth knowledge and the best speakers in the business. The list includes some amazing people and motivational speakers such as Simon Reeve, Ripley Davenport, Ken Hames, Felicity Ashton, Bear Grylls many of who have a number of TV series under their belts.

They have hands-on experience of walking to the South Pole, undertaking lone crossings of deserts such as the Gobi, climbing mountains including K2 and free diving to amazing depths. These adventure speakers understand what it is like to face the most massive challenges and daunting situations. They have experienced great suffering, been scared, tired, hungry and sore but they have also seen things of great beauty. Each of these people has their very own story but they all share a number of things in common. They have overcome the hugest feats of endurance to achieve their dreams.