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Tonia Buxton

Tonia Buxton is a presenter, historian, writer, gourmet cook and nutritionist whose professionalism and diversity. These talents have made her hugely popular as an outstanding events host, facilitator and speaker. Tonia is a regular speaker at event talking about Lifestyle, Greek, Cypriot & Mediterranean food and Classical History


About Tonia Buxton

Tonia Buxton has many diverse areas of knowledge, having been a school teacher, beautician, fitness consultant & author.  She  maintains a special interest in mythology having a degree in classical history. And when not filming she works with her husband property developing.



Tonia Buxton is often recognised from her lifestyle programme, ‘My Greek Kitchen’ which was the highest rated show on Discovery Travel and Living. She takes us back to her home land where she introduces us to her family and the beauty of rural Cyprus.  As a writer Tonia’s book ‘Have a Baby and Look Better Than Ever’ guides women through all the aspects of pregnancy. That is mentally, physically & spiritually. It shows how pregnancy can be the beginning of a good body and not the end. It also highlights how to cope with the changes in a woman’s life in dealing with the new baby and getting some time for themselves.

Tonia Buxton is a qualified nutritionist who believes we very much are what we eat and that most of the population is dying of starvation while getting fatter & fatter. As a qualified nutritionist, Tonia can help people turn their lives around by showing how to feed their bodies not their stomachs. She shows people how to increase their energy levels, sex drive, youth and happiness. In addition, with the help of her beauty & fitness expertise, Tonia can really help change people’s lives and feel and look younger & happier.

Furthermore, as a trained beauty therapist she is developing her own range of products & treatments to help women look younger. She has written many articles on beauty and food for ‘The Mirror’ and ‘Zest’ magazine and has written a Greek cookery book.

Television appearances include being the face of Channel Health, ‘GMTV’, ‘The Wright Stuff’, ‘Beauty and the Feast’ on UK Food, UK Bright Ideas and Sky One and The Discovery Channel’s Travel & Living, Home & Health & Real Time.

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