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Katie King

Katie King is a highly respected thought leader in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), marketing, CX, STEM, leadership, and business transformation. With over 30 years of consulting experience, she has worked with many of the world's leading brands and business leaders, including Accenture, Virgin, and Microsoft. In February 2023, Katie was voted a 'Top 10 AI influencer,' a testament to her vast knowledge and expertise in the industry. She is a frequent speaker at events around the world, having delivered two TEDx talks and numerous keynote speeches. Her insights and perspectives have been highly sought after, making her one of the most prominent voices in the field of AI.


About Katie King

Katie’s work has garnered significant recognition from industry peers and organisations. She serves as a member of the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) task force for the adoption of AI, where she provides insights and recommendations on how AI can be used to drive growth and innovation in the UK. She is also an Editorial Board Member for the AI and Ethics Journal, a global publisher under Springer Nature, where she contributes her expertise on the ethical implications of AI.

Katie has also authored two highly regarded books on AI. Her first book, “Using Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: How to Harness AI and Maintain the Competitive Edge,” has been translated into several languages, including Russian, Chinese, and Vietnamese. The book has been listed as a reference source in the ‘Brand Strategy’ section of the World Economic Forum’s Empowering AI Leadership AI toolkit for corporate boards (Davos). Her second book, “AI Strategy for Sales and Marketing: Connecting marketing, sales and customer experience,” was published by Kogan Page in January 2022.

In addition to her consulting work and writing, Katie is also deeply committed to educating the next generation about the transformative power of AI. In 2020, she launched the Leaders of Tomorrow, an AI programme designed to close the skills gap in education and inspire young people, especially girls, to explore STEM fields and careers in AI. The programme is now in its third year and has expanded to include schools in the US and South Africa.

Overall, Katie’s contributions to the fields of AI, marketing, CX, STEM, leadership, and business transformation have been significant and wide-ranging. Her thought leadership, speaking engagements, and written work have helped to shape the conversation around AI, inspiring and educating others about its potential to transform businesses and society as a whole.

Speech Topics

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
One of the hottest topics in business right now. Katie covers how businesses can apply AI ethically for competitive advantage.

Business and digital transformation
Digital transformation has dominated businesses’ strategic agendas for the past several years. Katie covers how to adopt innovative technologies such as AI successfully into your teams.

The future of work
The world of work is changing as technology reshapes roles, industries, and businesses worldwide. Katie outlines the changes, outlooks, and trends, and the skills and capabilities needed to succeed.

Technology for good
Technology should make our world better, not worse. Katie shares how to use AI in a way that benefits business, your people, and the world at large.

As countries around the world race to regulate AI, how can businesses and their teams ensure they are using it fairly and safely in the meantime? Katie outlines the ethical considerations of adopting AI, including data privacy and bias.

Women in STEM
Women and girls remain underrepresented across the technology industry and are less likely to enter tech-related careers. As an awarded woman in AI, Katie shares her experiences and her advice for empowering the next generation of female talent to pursue their ambitions in science, technology, business, and beyond.

Women on the board
The UK now ranks second internationally for women’s representation on boards at FTSE 100 level, with nearly 40% of positions now held by women, but there is still a way to go. Katie shares her experiences as a CEO, board advisor, and leader as well as her advice for women looking to advance to the top of their organisations.

Girls who code
Katie is passionate about education and how young people, especially girls, can take advantage of AI. She runs her own Leaders of Tomorrow in Tech school programme, and speaks about the skills gap and how organisations and educators can collaborate.

Ethics and privacy
Data privacy issues have dominated discussions about AI use, with several businesses and governments restricting access to certain tools as a result. Katie shares what organisations need to know in order to keep themselves and their customers safe when using AI.

The next generation of consumers is more purpose-driven than ever before, with customers willing to spend more with brands who share their values. Katie shares how to ensure you are authentically living out your brand’s purpose rather than ‘greenwashing.’

Diversity and inclusion (ageism, sexism, class)
Businesses are much more successful when different perspectives are represented. Katie discusses how to add diversity to your workforce, and shares details of her CSR schools project aimed at providing equal opportunities to young people of all backgrounds.

Social mobility
While it’s true that AI will replace certain job functions, it will also create new opportunities for those who may not have had them otherwise. Katie highlights how AI can benefit those of different socioeconomic classes, ages, and abilities.

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"Katie is an excellent event speaker and teacher. Her years of expertise in marketing and PR offer a wide repertoire of knowledge backing her presentation across digital marketing and AI. She commands the room from the moment she steps up on stage and our audience literally hung off each word as she took them through the story of AI and how it will affect future business methodologies in the sports marketing industry. Katie also took the time beforehand to tailor her content specifically to our audience and delivered an impactful learning session which made the highlight of our conference."

Lee-Ann Johnstone, Founder of AffiliateINSIDER

"Katie has a natural ability to engage with her audience and immediately create a rapport. She has fantastic empathy with the audience and what I appreciated in particular is that she managed to make a scary techy subject very understandable & relatable.  Katie’s presentation was a key part of our event and was a resounding success. She shared real insights from her deeply researched book which provided huge value to our participants. I could not recommend Katie enough and I hope to be able to welcome her back at one of our events in the future."

Irene De Lorenzis, VP, Client Services at M-Brain

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Katie King News

Apr 06, 2023

Harnessing AI for a Competitive Edge in Marketing

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