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Scott McArthur

Scott McArthur is an impressive content speaker who is emotive and enlightening. He specialises in transformation and believes in thinking creatively about business. His engaging approach to business leadership connects the business world with science, the arts and humanities. Scott's whole ethos is about “Translating Transformation”. Whether it be digital or otherwise.


About Scott McArthur

Today, Scott McArthur delivers keynote speeches on the human condition to instruct audiences on how to make better decisions, have better conversations, and reframe beliefs and opinions.

Scott has a diverse, rich and eclectic background.   His delivery style is near perfection. He has become the go-to speaker for keynotes, learning and development. His long list of clients includes top organisations such as UK Ministry of Defence, M&S and the UK Olympic Authority. Today, Scott also acts as a consultant working for a wide range of clients such as Atos, Superdry, SwissRe, Deloitte, and Capgemini.


Scott McArthur has a passion for doing things differently.  Furthermore he also has a deep commitment to pers00onal development, self-transformation and to making life and business fun.  He likes to disrupt the narrative and the behaviours that bind people with the tools and techniques. And offer a silver platter of wit, passion and a touch of rock and roll.

As humans are creatures of habit Scott’s mission is to help people break those habits.  Especially the ones that are not beneficial to their progress.

Scott McArthur has an impressive CV

With a myriad of experiences, Scott’s background gives him a well of content to draw upon. He is published in a wide range of disciplines.  These include disease detection, leadership development, transformation, mindfulness, pioneering microscopy techniques, rock music, and human resources.

These disciplines allow him to connect with his audience in a way, unlike other traditional organisational experiences. He does not get on stage to deliver a list of bullet points. Scott prefers to teach his audiences to think so they can walk away with the tools and techniques they can use in their personal and work lives.

From Scotland, Scott started his own career path by breaking the very habits that should have defined him. Rather than be swept up in a predictable future, Scott decided to prove the statistics and his school career advisor wrong.  He not only went on to study biology and psychology at college but gained impressive grades in the process.

Scott McArthur’s Keynote Speeches

Focusing on his keynote programmes Scott inspires his audiences to change from the inside out. It is what he calls the “inner work” of relationships, organisations, and cultures. What’s more he teaches you how to change your life and disrupt the habits that define you with his well-crafted and inspiring programmes.


Keynote Topics

Leading from the inside out

Much of what we do is done by habit i.e. we do things because we have done them previously. This keynote aims to disrupt these habits.

Intended audience:

  • Individuals seeking career progression
  • Self-improvers interested in character development
  • People striving to form good habits
  • Anyone who want to implement new routines in their organisations

Providing tools and techniques (physical and cognitive) which reveal new levels of personal awareness, improve decision making and support habit change on an individual and organisational level.

Why facts don’t change people

Changing minds including our own can be a very tricky business. Simple logic suggests that giving people the facts will move them to change their minds but this doesn’t work.

Intended audience:

  • People striving to form good habits
  • Organisations looking for growth by creating new markets and economies
  • Anyone interested in communication strategies for business
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to influence others
  • Anyone who worries about dealing with complexity

This a framework for making better decisions by having better conversations and a new way of framing your beliefs and opinions that is both strong and vulnerable.

Are you paying attention?

The cycle of moral panic around screen time, distraction and how the “the internet is ruining us” feels endless – why this is happening is complex and difficult to fully understand. There is one thing that is for certain – it is more important today than ever that a leader is able to bring focus to every part of the organisation.

Intended audience:

  • Entrepreneurial organisations wishing to disrupt markets
  • Individuals interested in the impact of social media
  • Programmers, inventors of anyone fascinated by artificial intelligence

Providing tools and techniques (physical and cognitive) which reveal new levels of personal awareness, improve decision making and support habit change on an individual and organisational level.

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"Scott McArthur was a delight to work with as we prepared for our event, and he did not disappoint as a speaker. He was well-informed, provocative and highly engaging. He presented in a highly professional style which our delegates found engaging. He was also able to connect with the audience and entertain as well as inform them and encouraged debate and discussion. We can recommend him without reservation. Scott’s varied background ensures that he would be a good choice of speaker for most audiences. Since our event, delegates have made contact specifically to praise Scott’s skills as a speaker."

Julie Bidwell - Leadership East

"Providing tools and techniques (physical and cognitive) which reveal new levels of personal awareness, improve decision making and "Scott brings a huge amount of creativity & passion to his speaking engagements. He provides deep expert insight into employee engagement & communication. Nor is he afraid to challenge his audiences to achieve superior results."

Ursula Morgenstern CEO Atos (Germany)

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