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Scott McArthur

Scott McArthur is an impressive content speaker who is emotive and enlightening. He specialises in transformation and believes in thinking creatively about business. His engaging approach to business leadership connects the business world with science, the arts and humanities. Scott's whole ethos is about “Translating Transformation”. Whether it be digital or otherwise.


About Scott McArthur

At the core of Scott’s speaking and executive events is his knowledge gleaned from working in over 200 organisations across the world delivering transformation and change programmes for multiple sectors.  However, his makers mark on the conference stage are his stories which go much deeper than business into the human condition.  He is a published scientist (degenerative disease) poet (narrative) HR specialist (performance and technology) and writer (music, prose and business) and has won awards for consulting, training, speaking and for his contribution to Scottish music.  One of his websites has been identified as being of cultural importance in his hometown of Glasgow (Scotland) and his co-authored book on Glasgow’s music scene has been inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.

Scott has a passion for doing things differently.  Furthermore he also has a deep commitment to personal development, self-transformation and to making life and business fun.  He likes to disrupt the narrative and the behaviours that bind people with the tools and techniques. And offer a silver platter of wit, passion and a touch of rock and roll.

As humans are creatures of habit Scott’s mission is to help people break those habits.  Especially the ones that are not beneficial to their progress.

With a myriad of experiences, Scott’s background gives him a well of content to draw upon. He is published in a wide range of disciplines.  These include disease detection, leadership development, transformation, mindfulness, pioneering microscopy techniques, rock music, and human resources.

These disciplines allow him to connect with his audience in a way, unlike other traditional organisational experiences. He does not get on stage to deliver a list of bullet points. Scott prefers to teach his audiences to think so they can walk away with the tools and techniques they can use in their personal and work lives.

From Scotland, Scott started his own career path by breaking the very habits that should have defined him. Rather than be swept up in a predictable future, Scott decided to prove the statistics and his school career advisor wrong.  He not only went on to study biology and psychology at college but gained impressive grades in the process.

When speaking Scott is able to mould a convincing narrative from these disciplines to inspire the conference audience and to provide them with unique tools and techniques that they can take back into their lives and workplaces and make a real difference to their lives.

Scott’s keynotes are particularly concerned with “Future Literacy” and specifically focus on the future of work and our relationship with disruptive technologies such as Biotechnology, AI and Nanotechnology. His delivery style is visually impactful, carefully evidenced based and delivered with a hint of Billy Connolly like humour his talks are never forgotten.

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Speech Topics
  • Leading from the inside out
  • Why facts don’t change people
  • Are you paying attention?
  • Future Literacy
  • Anticipatory Leadership

The latest addition to Scott’s keynote portfolio is “Anticipation – Creating Hope For The Future”

This keynote would help organisations and individuals reframe and overcome several common challenges:

Fear of the future: Many people and organizations are plagued by fear and uncertainty about what lies ahead. This keynote would help reframe fear as an opportunity for growth and innovation, providing tools and strategies to navigate uncertainty with confidence.

Short-term thinking: In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to focus on short-term gains and lose sight of long-term vision and strategy. This keynote would encourage individuals and organizations to adopt an anticipatory mindset, helping them shift from reactive to proactive decision-making.

Knee-jerk reactions: Quick, impulsive reactions can often lead to suboptimal outcomes. This keynote would provide insights on the importance of thoughtful consideration and analysis, guiding individuals and organizations to make informed decisions and take purposeful actions.

Obsession with measurement: While measurement and metrics are essential, an excessive focus on immediate results can hinder long-term success. This keynote would encourage a balanced approach, helping individuals and organizations recognize the value of anticipation and foresight alongside measurable outcomes.

Lack of hope and motivation: When faced with challenges and uncertainties, individuals and organizations can lose hope and motivation. This keynote would inspire and ignite a sense of hope, showing how anticipation and future literacy can create a positive mindset and drive motivation for growth and success.

By reframing these challenges and providing practical strategies, the keynote would help individuals and organizations overcome fear, embrace long-term thinking, make informed decisions, find hope in the face of uncertainty, and regain a sense of purpose and motivation.


Key takeaways for people experiencing this keynote would include:

The transformative power of anticipation: Attendees will gain a deep understanding of how anticipation can be a game-changer in personal and organizational success. They will learn how to leverage the power of anticipation to navigate uncertainty, make better decisions, and unlock new opportunities.

Reframing fear and uncertainty: Participants will learn to reframe fear and uncertainty as catalysts for growth and innovation. They will gain insights into how anticipation can help them embrace the unknown with confidence and overcome the fear of the future.

Long-term thinking and strategic vision: The keynote will emphasize the importance of long-term thinking and strategic vision. Attendees will learn how to move beyond short-term gains and adopt an anticipatory mindset to align their actions with future goals and aspirations.

Practical strategies for future literacy: Practical strategies and tools will be shared to cultivate future literacy skills. Attendees will learn how to gather and analyze information, spot emerging trends, and adapt to changing circumstances, equipping them with the ability to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the curve.

Inspiration and renewed hope: The keynote will inspire attendees and ignite a sense of hope for the future. Through captivating stories and examples, participants will be encouraged to embrace anticipation as a source of motivation and hope, empowering them to navigate challenges and create a better tomorrow.

Overall, people experiencing this keynote will take away a shift in mindset, practical strategies, and a renewed sense of hope. They will be equipped with the tools, knowledge, and stories to anticipate, adapt, and thrive in an ever-changing world.

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"Scott is a very reliable and influential speaker with an array of expertise to share, which is always delivered in an energetic and influential manner. It's always a pleasure and a breeze to work with Scott, who complements conferences with an insightful, yet unique spin, which audiences appreciate and benefit from"

Professional Association Events

"We had the pleasure of welcoming Scott at the Shared Services Forum UK annual conference in November last year. Our conference theme was FutureVision: TomorrowNow and Scott gave a fantastic speech asking our members “Is the future analogue? Scott discussed the fear and hype surrounding AI and RPA, the lessons he has learnt over the last 20 years and shared his thoughts on where he thinks our organisations and individuals are up too and provided ideas on what they can do to help themselves and their people thrive. I would highly recommend Scott for any event, he is professional and engaging, a great storyteller and his visuals alongside his energy and honesty captivated our members until the end."

Shared Services Forum UK Ltd

"Knowing our conference audience would appreciate something thought-provoking and a little outside of our day-to-day work, I asked Scott to speak at Intranet Now, and people vividly remember his key points and delivery. Scott understands the role of communication within business and, more importantly, he understands people. Anything Scott does on stage would be worth listening to; he brings a clarity and energy to the topic."

Wedge Black, Conference Director

"I booked Scott to speak at Intranet Now where he delivered an outstanding presentation on change management. He then gave a different talk at IntraTeam Event Copenhagen which also was brilliant. Great speaker, thinker and motivator!"

Intranet and digital workplaces Conference Director

Latest News

Oct 19, 2023

Navigating Disruptive Technologies and inter-AI Collaborations

May 17, 2023

The value Scott McArthur adds to events

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