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John Humphrys

John Humphrys is a renowned author, journalist, and award-winning TV and Radio Presenter. John is best known for his legendary interview techniques on Radio 4’s 'The Today Programme' from which he retired in 2019 after 32 years. He is also the former host of BBC2’s longest running quiz show 'Mastermind.' Now a sought-after presenter, awards host and after-dinner speaker, John captivates any audience.


About John Humphrys

John Humphrys is the recipient of just about every national broadcasting award on offer. He has won the ‘Oscar of Oscars’: the Song Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement, with the citation even reading: “He has truly changed the face of radio and the nature of the radio interview for an entire generation.” Often referred to by newspapers as a “national treasure,” John is a world expert on world politics, social change, religion and just about everything in between!


John Humphrys first began his illustrious career as the BBC TV’s youngest foreign correspondent. He set up bureaux in South Africa and the US, covering some of modern history’s most significant moments, from Nixon’s resignation to the birth of Zimbabwe as a nation state. He then went on to spend a whole thirty-two incredible years on the Today programme.

Described as ‘the most feared inquisitor in the land’ John is well-known for his combative style of questioning. The Labour Party even coined the phrase ‘the John Humphrys problem’ and one Conservative politician dubbed him of ‘poisoning the well of democracy.’

Recognisable for his time on our television screens firing questions at normal contestants and celebrities alike, John Humphrys is hailed as the longest-standing host on BBC’s Mastermind. He hosted this for a total of 18 years. The show has withstood the test of time and is still one of the most respected quiz shows on air. Humphrys has even hosted spin-off versions of said show, including Junior Mastermind for children, Sport Mastermind and Mastermind Champion of Champions.

Outside of his broadcasting achievements, John has published numerous columns and books on topics as broad ranging as climate to God to how not to build a house in Greece. Another common topic of John’s writing is the misuse and abuse of the English Language, something he has often disclosed to be one of his ultimate pet peeves.

John is a highly adept conference chair. He offers audiences the chance to turn the tables and quiz him as part of his after-dinner speeches, in which he often also reveals how the Queen has repeatedly declined his requests for an interview.

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