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René Carayol

René Carayol is a globally recognised executive coach and leadership keynote speaker. With a rich background that spans high-level roles in some of the world's most prominent companies, René brings unparalleled insight and expertise to every stage he graces. René's professional journey includes serving as the Managing Director at IPC Magazines and holding significant positions on the boards of PepsiCo and IPC Media. He has the unique distinction of leading Europe's largest management buyout, showcasing his strategic acumen and leadership prowess.


About René Carayol

René Carayol has hands-on experience with leading Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 CEOs. He has worked with names such as Jim Yong Kim (President, The World Bank) and Antony Jenkins (former CEO, Barclays Bank).

René is renowned for his captivating storytelling, drawing from a wealth of real-world experiences that include coaching world leaders and navigating the complexities of corporate boardrooms. His ability to weave exciting adventures and emotional anecdotes into his speeches makes his presentations not only informative but also highly engaging and memorable. Audiences are left inspired by his authentic and passionate delivery, which highlights the power of emotional intelligence and inclusive leadership.

An accomplished visiting professor at Cass Business School, René’s academic contributions further cement his authority in the fields of leadership and business transformation. His critically acclaimed book, “Spike – What are you great at?” encourages individuals and organisations to harness their inherent strengths and reach their full potential.

In addition to his corporate achievements, René has been honored with an MBE by HM The Queen for his services to the community and business. He is also a prolific columnist for the Financial Times and Management Today, sharing his insights with a broader audience.

René’s keynotes are tailored to address the specific challenges and opportunities faced by his clients, incorporating regional and cultural nuances gleaned from his extensive global experience. Whether discussing inclusive leadership, corporate culture, or business transformation, René’s sessions are designed to resonate deeply with his audience, leaving a lasting impact.

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Speech Topics

René’s speech topics include, but are not limited to:

Inclusive Leadership

René delves into the importance of diversity and inclusion in leadership. Drawing parallels to successful sports teams, he explains how bringing together individuals with diverse strengths and backgrounds leads to more dynamic and effective decision-making processes.

Business Transformation

In this keynote, René outlines strategies for navigating and leading through periods of significant change. He shares insights from his extensive experience with global blue-chip companies, highlighting actionable steps to drive growth and foster a culture of enterprise.

Diversity & Inclusion

René emphasises the critical role of diversity in achieving robust, innovative, and resilient teams. He shares practical approaches to cultivating an inclusive environment where every member can contribute their unique perspectives and strengths.

Corporate Culture

René explores the profound impact of corporate culture on an organisation’s success. Through engaging stories and humor, he challenges audiences to rethink their approach to culture, emphasising that a strong, positive culture is more powerful than any strategy.

Collaboration is the New Leadership

René advocates for a shift from solitary decision-making to collaborative leadership. He discusses the necessity of diverse, high-performing teams in today’s fast-paced market and provides strategies for building a collaborative and supportive leadership style.

Manage a Little Less and Lead a Little More

René addresses the evolving demands on leaders, stressing the need to move beyond traditional management. He inspires leaders to embrace inspired leadership, which prioritises vision, influence, and motivation over mere administrative control.

Strength-Based Leadership – Spike

Based on his book, “Spike,” René helps audiences identify and maximise their unique strengths. He provides a straightforward approach to building self-esteem, choosing the right career paths, and forming inclusive, high-performing teams that ensure no one is left behind.


Here you can find links to books by René Carayol. For bulk book orders for your event please speak with a member of the team.

Spike book cover by rene carayol keynote speaker

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