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Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu

Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu is a much in demand speaker, and is instantly recognisable for her many impactful media contributions. She is also a lawyer, an impressive speaker, activist and regular media commentator. Shola is passionate about speaking on diversity, equality and inclusion, law, politics and women’s rights. Her global clients include BNP Paribas, Stella McCartney, Sky, American Express, and the London School of Economics.


About Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu

Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu nurtured her curiosity and sense for justice from a young age, and it was these curiosities that motivated her choice to be a lawyer. This grew into full-blown activism and advocacy for social justice. Furthermore, she is passionate about women and human rights, and political reform.

An academic enthusiast, Dr. Shola completed her first degree, LLB Hons (Buckingham University), at the age of 19.  Likewise, she went on to achieve an Executive MBA (Cambridge University), a PhD in Law (Birkbeck University) and an LLM in Commercial and corporate Law (London School of Economics & Political Science).  In addition, she took a Masters in Diplomatic Studies (Westminster).

Dr. Shola’s doctorate degree in law was in the comparative socio-legal study of corruption in Nigeria. In it, Dr. Shola focused particularly on the interaction of social norms, beliefs, values and other factors in the perception of what constitutes corrupt behaviour.

Dr. Shola is a dual-qualified New York Attorney and Solicitor of England & Wales. She has over a decade of financial services experience working in-house as a trusted senior legal advisor to heads of business and stakeholder partners.

In constant demand as a media commentator around the world, she has appeared on numerous TV news programmes, including CNN, BBC, Sky News, Al Jazeera and France24.  A contributor to the Huffington Post. Her main topics include but are not limited to Brexit, US & British Politics, the impact of COVID-19, Women’s Rights, Diversity and inclusion, Race Relations, Racism and discrimination.

On top of all her legal, writing, speaking and TV work, Dr. Shola also founded and is the editor of the Women in Leadership publication.  Driven to inspire the personal leadership journeys of women, Dr. Shola uses the publication as a platform for positivity.  She uses it to drive impact for social change on topical issues that impact women globally. The publication delivers exclusive and tailored content from trailblazing women from around the world.

The Women in Leadership publication targets a global readership and provides inspirational thought- leadership, insightful commentary, support and advice for women who are at all stages of their leadership journey, women who are, or who aspire to be, the best in their chosen field. The Women in Leadership publication is available to download from

An activist for women’s rights, Dr. Shola is one of the organisers of Women’s March London.  She has also taught intersectional feminism to female asylum seekers and refugees at the charity Women for Refugee Women.  In addition, she is responsible for scrutinizing government policies from a gender and diversity inclusion perspective.

Dr. Shola’s Women in Leadership Foundation was established because she is passionate about furthering the cause for equality and diversity. One of the educational initiatives she runs through the foundation is the She@Law Talks.  It is aimed at Universities and Sixth formers to promote/mentor more Women and BAME leadership in the legal profession. Most importantly, Dr. Shola provides a free mentoring program with this.

Dr. Shola Mos Shogbamimu shares her expertise in many ways:
  • Equality Commissioner on the Commission for Gender-Equal Economy, which addresses the structural inequality experienced by women in the UK.
  • Member of the Women’s Budget Group Policy Advisory Group, which is responsible for scrutinizing government policies from a gender and diversity inclusion perspective.
  • Trustee of World Merit Shaping and promoting youth initiatives from around the world to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the Women’s Equality Party.

Finally, she is also a regular contributor to mainstream print media.  She writes about the challenges faced by women and tackling the difficult issues caused by racial inequality.

Dr. Shola speaks at numerous national and international events in Europe and America. She chaired the 2019 Institute of Directors Inclusive Business Roadshow events in Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge, London and Newcastle.

The book ‘Why I Resist’ is about black identity no longer being defined by perspectives forged from and rooted in white supremacy. She also “unequivocally and unapologetically” addresses the prevalence of anti-blackness and racism. Moreover, she delves deep into its UK and US roots.  She also looks at the social and political history of racism and how this impacts the personal lives of black people every day.

‘With This Is Why I Resist, Dr Shola is shaking a nation out of its slumber.’ Annie Lennox OBE

‘Written with fearless articulacy, this book recalibrates the conversation on race to ignite transformational change.’ David Lammy MP

Ever passionate about Africa, Dr. Shola also published an e-book. This is called ‘Business Risk in Africa: Perception vs Reality – Navigate Your Way to Success” in 2017.

Speech Topics

Why being an ally in the workplace is sometimes not enough. Workplace inequality, inclusion and why we need to go beyond being an ally.

Black leadership and community building in action. What changes organisations made since George Floyd’s murder in 2020.

Nature and Biodiversity. United Nations Sustainable Diversity Goals 14 and 15 Hosting the 9th RELX SDG Inspiration Day – a call to action for all actors, including government, business, investors, NGOs, and youth, to protect and enhance biodiversity. Speakers included former UN Secretary General, His Excellency Ban Ki-Moon and Environmentalist, Dr Jane Goodall.

Importance of Career Development and Understanding the Pitfalls around the Marginalized glass ceiling. What minority talent need to do, issues with equity in the workplace and how the community of allies in senior leadership can support.

Reflecting on our positions and influences on active anti racism and racial trauma in the workplace. Discussions can include the unmasking, repairing and prevention of racial trauma.

Break the Bias. Bias surrounding recruitment and progression for women, taken into account age (young or old) and those from a BAME background too. Breaking down how we can infiltrate and break the bias down and improve prospects for women, without the unnecessary challenges and barriers faced.

How the Board & Senior Level management can make a tangible difference and result in meaningful action in workplace DEI. How organisations can effectively challenge processes and biases to ensure more diversity and inclusivity in leadership; and the importance of leadership structures representing the communities and people they serve.

Future of Engineering, Sustainability and Innovation. Opening address on growth and disruption.

The Current Climate For Women In Business After the Pandemic. What is most misunderstood about women, the media’s role in this, how this translates in business and if men can be effective allies.

History and institutional structures. Key themes from her book Why I Resist Speech explored the deep roots of racism and anti-blackness in the UK and the US;how the racism that manifests in our day-to-day lives is a product of a long history of white supremacy and systemic oppression.
Topic: Women in Business Speech covered work culture, sponsorship vs mentorship, the power of networking and inspiring progress of women in diverse professional fields once solely dominated and occupied by me.

Reunity: The Global Black Women’s Action Summit Speech covered the state of Black women’s leadership and wellness worldwide and tips on how we can “be well while doing good” in these tumultuous times for Black communities everywhere.

Black Health and Wellness.  Black Communities and the Criminal Justice System; Black Communities and Healthcare; and Positive and Proactive Solutions.

Let’s Belong Together with focus on intersectionality. Celebrating what is common between us as well as what makes us different; and on personal progression/journey to get to current point

Inclusive culture of belonging, dignity and respect. Focusing on female empowerment, diversity and representation. Highlighted the intersectionality between race and gender, and the need to cast a broad lens on diversity and inclusion topics in the workplace.

Women in Politics and Financial Crisis. Women being disproportionately impacted by the ongoing cost of living crisis and women in the current UK political landscape.

Women in Leadership and what HR needs to do better.  What constitutes leadership and challenges the ongoing narrative of what Women Leaders should be like. In a world where the default setting is Male, Pale & Stale and the ruling structure is the patriarchy, we must reject the appropriation of leadership in style, format and delivery as male. Women continue to fight for equal outcomes as leaders because of the toxic environment that enables the preconceived notions of what and how they should be as leaders. HR plays a critical role in this enablement and must do better in disrupting the status quo.

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"Dr Shola, you were absolutely phenomenal. It was thought provoking and empowering to hear from you and sharing amazing advice. Many students commented your talk was one of their highlights: “really moved me, the passion about being unapologetic about who you are”; “inspiring speech, so much energy”; “a standout for me”; “my takeaway from it was to be the landlord of our own career”. Thank you The Speakers Agency for keeping in touch with me and ensuring everything ran smoothly. We all will be more than happy to work again with you in the future!"

Ernst & Young Women in Business Team

"I would like to thank you immensely for taking time out of your busy schedule to be a host at our conference. The AFBELive conference was a huge success. We have received so much positive feedback from participants. Social media is currently buzzing with comments, highlights, and positive feedback from attendees. All thanks to you. Your presence, discussion, and wise words inspired so many people and it has also helped magnify our cause in the best possible way. You have helped create an impact on diversity in the industry. We cannot thank you enough for gracing our conference, enlightening and engaging people and most importantly making this conference fun-filled and exciting."

AFBELive conference

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Dr Shola Mos Shogbamimu

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