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Top 10 Keynote Speaking Topics of 2022

The Speakers Agency constantly examine the latest trends every few months, and here is our latest list of top 10 keynote speaking topics for 2022 so far:

  1. Leadership

All companies, large or small, need great leaders in order to thrive. If you want to be the best leader possible, then the most effective way is to learn from the crème de la crème. Our leadership keynote speakers are in high demand more than ever in 2022, and our speakers range across a variety of sectors. They also offer bespoke workshops.

The former CEO and co-owner of Mercedes F1 Nick Fry is a brilliant leadership speaker who proves that leadership is critical to succeeding not only in the automotive industry but in every business, regardless of sector.

Michelle Moore has held senior leadership roles across sport, education and government for over 20 years and is highly passionate about inclusive leadership strategies and the collective transformation of people.

After more than three decades in business, Kevin Gaskell has created more than £5 billion in shareholder value. He now inspires leadership among the leaders of today and future leaders by offering practical solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

Alison Sharman is another hugely popular choice for inspiring dynamic leadership, building world-class brands including ITV1 and creating a culture that enables teams to deliver excellence.


  1. Diversity and Inclusion

As one of the most important speaking topics in existence, it is wonderful that companies and organisations alike are increasingly recognising the significance of diversity and inclusion causes, and how beneficial it is to hear from expert speakers in this field.

Diversity is not just a social issue, it is a business issue as well, and companies are beginning to recognize they have a responsibility to hold themselves accountable to promoting positive change.

Companies who have greater diversity across gender, race, disability, age and various other factors have reported a much greater productivity level across the board.

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu is a fantastic diversity speaker. Motivated by the inequality and injustice experienced daily by the under -privileged in our society, she is angered by the lack of opportunities for BAME, disabled, LGBTQI communities and many others.

Renowned for her pioneering victory in the boxing ring, Nicola Adams serves as an inspiration to young women and general audiences alike. Nicola talks about her experiences as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and shares her experiences as a woman in a historically male-dominated sphere in a fireside chat style presentation.

Jesse Dufton is a wonderful example of one of our disabled speakers who expertly balances humour with his experiences of diversity issues. Born severely sight impaired, Jesse has gone on to defy expectations by climbing rocks and obtaining a PhD in solar cell materials.


  1. Teambuilding

The foundation of productivity is great working relationships and teamwork. This has become an increasingly popular keynote speaking topic, especially in the wake of many people transitioning to working from home or a hybrid approach to working. Our keynote speakers can address how to maintain strong relationships among colleagues, even when some of these may be virtual.


  1. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing speakers are an ever-popular choice in 2022, since people are waking up to the fact that our mental wellbeing directly impacts our physical health and our productivity at work.

From qualified psychologists and wellbeing experts such as Zana Busby, to individuals who have overcome incredible adversity and adapted their mindsets such as Katie Piper, our selection of mental health speakers is second to none. Clark Carlisle is also a firm favourite, having suffered from Complex Depressive Disorder and attempting suicide on two occasions, Clark is renowned for his incredibly moving and highly effective mental health keynotes.


  1. Future Trends

It has never been more obvious to businesses how important it is to stay on top of future trends and be ready to adapt to changing circumstances at the drop of a hat.

Our future trends keynote speakers use all different kinds of systematic and pattern-based analyses of the past and present to help companies forecast where they should look for 2022 and beyond.

James Poulter is a great futurist speaker, whose topics range from Innovation Culture to the Future of Work.


  1. Technology

Technology keynote speakers can educate and inspire a range of audiences talking about the ever-growing digital era and technological trends. They can talk about not only the present and how companies can best optimize their involvement with and use of technology, but also the future of emerging technologies too.

One of the most popular and authoritative technology keynote speakers on our roster has to be David Rowan, who has served as an adviser and investor to over 60 tech startups.

Nicholas Oliver too has built career on creating products and services that are designed to empower consumers and in doing so, creates in his speeches a meaningful narrative between technology, brands and people.

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon is also one of the leading voices in the tech industry and an incredible keynote speaker. She has spoken for some of the worlds leading digital brands including Facebook and Google.


  1. Motivation

Inspiring audiences with motivational keynote speeches is a continually popular choice by companies, societies and organisations. Guaranteed to captivate your audience with their tales of adversity, triumph and impactful change, our huge variety of inspiring speakers redefine courage and human potential.

One of the most highly ranked keynote speakers of all time is Sir Bob Geldof, whose career spanning music, business and charity work is unlike any other. Dame Katherine Grainger, too, is a remarkable keynote speaker who can cover a wide range of topics in her speeches.


  1. Customer Service and Customer Experience

One of the best ways to grow and develop as a business is to maintain excellent customer service and experience. In the digital age, customer reviews, feedback and testimonials matter more than ever before, and maintaining a good relationship with your client base is now a crucial element for success. Our customer experience and customer service speakers are experts in ensuring the continued loyalty and satisfaction of your client base and how  your brand is perceived by prospective clients.

Famed for its legendary customer service, Andrew McMillan is the man responsible for defining the John Lewis brand and has been key to its success today. Kate Hardcastle is an excellent choice too. Known as The Customer Whisperer, Kate’s work is respected globally, projects have included the successful turnaround of ailing retail brands & shopping centre, the creation of powerful consumer brands & consultant to oversee business redevelopment, restructure & takeovers.


  1. The Power of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In. Twenty years ago nobody had heard of these words, yet now they are a driving force and, in many cases, the backbone of successful businesses. Our social media speakers are experts in how effective these platforms and the tools they offer can be for businesses large and small. Many of these speakers have risen through the ranks of social media themselves, so there are no better voices to comment on such a powerful, ever-developing industry such as this.

Thomas Webb has been booked as a technology speaker by some of the leading companies around the world including Dell, Apple, IBM and Microsoft.  He focuses on harnessing new technologies and showcasing innovative applications.

Natasha Grano is also one of our highly popular social media speakers. Having risen to fame by creating her own social media empire (with over 10 million followers now!) hearing a keynote from Natasha is the very definition of learning from the best!


  1. Environment and Sustainability

The conversations surrounding climate change, the environment and sustainability are more prevalent and pressing than ever before. Corporate Social Responsibility is also something that is being increasingly recognised as a term and, as such, sustainability keynote speakers, environmentalists and conservationists are growing popular choices for educating companies on how we can better our practice to help the planet build our future of tomorrow.

Julia Bradbury began presenting the highly acclaimed Countryfile back in 2009, reporting on rural and environmental issues throughout the UK from across the length and breadth of Britain.

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