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International Women’s Day: How to Celebrate in 2024

International Women’s Day, marked on March 8th, is a celebration of women’s achievements, but also a powerful call to action for accelerating gender equality. This year’s theme, #InspireInclusion, emphasises the importance of building an inclusive world where every woman’s voice is heard and valued. As a company, acknowledging and actively participating in this global movement is crucial. But how can you ensure your celebration goes beyond token gestures and truly fosters meaningful impact?

Amplify diverse voices

Don’t let your International Women’s Day celebrations exclude anyone. Include men as champions and allies in creating an inclusive environment. Consider inviting a keynote speaker to address your entire organisation, igniting conversations about unconscious bias, the importance of equal opportunities, and how everyone can contribute to positive change. The Speakers Agency offers a diverse range of inspirational speakers like Lorraine Heggessey and Naomi Sesay, who can offer thought-provoking insights and actionable steps towards building a more equitable workplace.

Empower your female workforce

Nicky Pattinson speakerHost a dedicated workshop or event specifically for your female employees. This fosters a space for connection, learning, and personal growth. Consider speakers like Nicky Pattinson who can equip them with confidence-building strategies, or Africa Brooke who can help them overcome self-sabotage and self-censorship. If career development is a focus, Sonia Beldom can provide invaluable advice on building their personal brand and navigating career progression.

Acknowledge Diverse Challenges

Dr Maryhan BakerWomen face a multitude of unique challenges depending on their individual circumstances. Are many of your female employees juggling the responsibilities of parenthood and their career? A speaker like Dr Suzy Walton or Dr Maryhan Baker can offer expert guidance on managing time effectively and achieving a healthy work-life balance. Do you have a significant proportion of women working in traditionally male-dominated fields? Invite an inspiring speaker like Jo Salter or who can share their journey of defying stereotypes and achieving success in these fields.

Celebrate intersectionality

Nicola AdamsRemember that every woman’s experience is unique. Consider inviting speakers who represent diverse backgrounds and identities. How about human rights activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu or someone who can talk about South Asian female experiences such as Meera Syal or Preethi Nair. How about disabled activist and charity founder Cor Hutton or an LGBTQ+ woman like famous boxer Nicola Adams. By acknowledging and celebrating these diverse perspectives, you can help to create a truly inclusive space for all.

At The Speakers Agency, we understand the impact a captivating speaker can have on an audience. Let us help you curate a unique and impactful event that inspires, empowers, and creates lasting change. By incorporating these suggestions and leveraging the expertise of our diverse speakers, you can ensure your International Women’s Day celebration goes beyond a single day, sparking meaningful conversations and driving progress towards a truly inclusive future.

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