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Thomas Webb

Thomas Webb is a truly astonishing and impressive artist, tech futurist, ethical hacker and speaker. He focuses on harnessing new technologies and showcasing innovative applications.  The audiences love Thomas and he has been booked by companies around the world including Dell, IBM, Apple, Reddit, IBM, Microsoft and Samsung. 

me Convention Stockholm, September 2018

About Thomas Webb

Thomas Webb  In 2017 he hacked his live America’s Got Talent audition.  He made it to the quarter finals by performing technology and magic. Online, Tom’s performances have amassed over 40 million views.   In genuine huge demand he delivers talks at various high-end tech conferences and for after dinner tech/security companies as an entertaining alternative to the usual delivery.  He doesn’t teach people how to hack. What he does highlight is how very easy it is to be hacked whoever you are and wherever you are.  And in this day and age it is vital info whether one is an individual or a colossal organisation.




Growing up in Kent and formerly known as Tom London – a name he adopted to rank himself highly in Google searches. Thomas built his reputation as a digital magician, using hacking and deception to perform interpretations of infamous tricks, demonstrate social engineering and how magic and technology are infamously indistinguishable.

Tom delivers incredibly entertaining, interactive live hacking talks about the world of hacking things, people and institutions.  He has been featured on SKY News, BBC News and more, and has provided talks in 25+ countries for tech companies, Presidents and Royalty.

Acting as a consultant to tech companies and start-ups Tom advises on innovation and creating artistic content to communicate technological advancements.

By 15 Thomas Webb was already an tech expert

Back when he was 15 in 2009, Tom hacked into his school’s computer network, He  uncovered students who were downloading illegal and damaging content into the school’s computers. Thomas revealed the systems’ weaknesses to the network admin who was a fellow World of Warcraft player.  He told the headmaster. As a reward they gave him admin user rights to the school computers so that he could play WoW during lunch breaks.

He also built a mind-reading AI using the world’s most powerful NFC RFID reader which he built into an eye tracking robot. It fooled many notable cybersecurity officers and was broadcast on BBC worldwide numerous times.

Named one of WIRED magazine’s Next Generation of Tech Innovators, Tom delivered a keynote for them. During his time on stage he combined technology and magic as a theory to explaining and showcasing technology. He did this in a way which understands the comprehension of an audience with regards to technology. In short Thomas creates magical experiences with technology.

America’s Got Talent 2017

Thomas started his professional career as a technology magician and hacker. Most memorably he appeared twice on America’s Got Talent in 2017.  The show’s judges, including Howie Mandel, Mel B and Simon Cowell, were totally wowed by Thomas’s ability to rea their minds.

His  debut art exhibition, “STRANGERS” received acclaim for its technological innovations. Thomas Webb’s  pieces include a world first in holographic technology, Real-Time Art.  Ever the inventor he produced a new form of digital infinity mirror. “Food Bank”. This was a constantly updating data art piece depicting the number of global deaths from starvation against the millions of dollars spent daily by the first world on weight loss programmes and products. Minus the money needed to feed those who starved.

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