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Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon is a recognised and highly respected thought-leader in the teach space. In 2020, she was voted the most influential woman in tech in the UK by Computer Weekly. Also a renowned keynote speaker and presenter, Dr Anne-Marie has spoken for some of the world’s leading digital companies including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Mercedes Benz, Fujitsu and Mastercard.

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About Anne-Marie Imafidon

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon is the epitome of what it means to be a prodigy. Aged 11, she was the youngest girl ever to pass A-level Computing, and was only 20 years old when she received her Master’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from the prestigious University of Oxford. Anne-Marie has featured among the top 10 BAME leaders in tech by The Financial Times and is the temporary Arithmetician on Channel 4’s longstanding Countdown.


Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon has collected an array of degrees and Honorary Doctorates from numerous institutions including the Open University, Glasgow Caledonian University, Kent University, Bristol University and Coventry University. In 2017, she was even made an Honorary Fellow at Keble College, Oxford.

Having reflected on her experiences at university where she was 1 of 3 girls in a class of 70 studying Maths and Computer Science at Oxford University, Anne-Marie realised that she had found her calling. Eager to make and advocate for necessary change, she co-founded the award-winning social enterprise, Stemettes. This social initiative is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers and has helped tens of thousands of girls realize their STEM potential. Anne-Marie now sits on the Board of Durham University’s Computer Science Department, which, in homage of her work as Head Stemette, offers a scholarship to high-achieving young woman in her name.

Anne-Marie is on the board of the UK Government’s Department for Digital, Culture, Music and Sport’s Digital Skills Partnership, the British Library Advisory Council, the Research England Council and is a trustee at the Urban Development Music Foundation and the Women of the World Foundation.

As host of the Women Tech Charge podcast for the Evening Standard, Anne-Marie has conducted interviews with some of the most famous names in the tech field, such as Jack Dorsey, Rachel Riley, and Lewis Hamilton.

June 2022 will see the publication by Transworld of Anne Marie’s first book She’s in Ctrl, an inspirational exploration of why women are under-represented in tech, why it matters, and what we can do about it. Anne-Marie continues to be one of the most dedicated promoters of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Speech Topics
  • The Tech Landscape and Why Tech Needs Diversity

Tech is a booming industry with growing importance in any given economy, but it is also suffering from a large skill shortage at a time when a criminally low proportion of women are entering and staying in the field. Anne-Marie will dissect the HERstory of the tech industry of the past and present and discuss what we can do to cultivate future tech leaders.

  • Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Anne Marie’s contemporary and innovative take on this topic shows a modern way to implement the principles from the 1937 perennial bestseller HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE written by Dale Carnegie, and also features practical lessons on the benefits of “working out loud”.

  • I. & The Future of Work

Robots are going to take our jobs eventually – in fact, it’s already started. This is a comical, yet real, look at what the future looks likes and ways to future-proof yourself and your business.

  • Social Entrepreneurship: Doing a Lot with a Little

Anne-Marie uses her wealth of experience from the many lessons learned from running social enterprises and taking something from a mere concept to becoming an influencer, to show how a company or individual can “get the show on the road” with extremely limited resources.

  • The Definitive Guide to Changing Your Company from the Inside Out

What do Corporate Social Responsibility and philanthropy sponsorship look like in the 21st  century? Anne-Marie discusses her 5 ways to changing your company from the inside out:

  1. what do these concepts look like in the 21st century?
  2. Your culture is your people
  • Your people are your biggest asset
  1. Giving people the space to Work Out Loud and be fulfilled
  2. Rewarding the right behaviour and correcting the wrong behaviour
  • Youth Entrepreneurship & STEM: The Leaders of the Future

What happens when you fill a house in South London with 115 teenagers for 6 weeks and get them to EAT SLEEP STEM REPEAT? The findings are positively surprising, and Anne-Marie uses them as a platform to show how to engage with the future leaders to best effect. The future is bright; the future is STEM.

  • How to Lean in if You’re Not Sheryl Sandberg

Anne-Marie looks at the NYT bestselling phenomenon and shows how it can relate to a less well-established audience and provides actionable next steps on how to make your career work for you.

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"Feedback from the delegates was fantastic and many said Anne-Marie was the most informative speaker on the day and they really took away a lot from her session."


"Anne-Marie really is just a wonderful inspiration to everyone, not just women."


"Great skills. Role model. Fun. Perfect for our audience. They loved her!"


Anne-Marie Imafidon News

May 23, 2022

Top 10 Keynote Speaking Topics of 2022

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