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Nicky Pattinson

Nicky Pattinson is an unusual, much loved and respected Yorkshire one of a kind conference and keynote speaker. Hilarious and timely, her insights into business communication charisma, presence and confidence for professionals are nothing less than genius and keep her at the top of any audience favourites list.


About Nicky Pattinson

Nicky Pattinson began her career as a humble shoe shop assistant in Huddersfield at 16 years old. She later became the country’s most successful lady market trader and Nicky now teaches clients ranging from Tesco to large law firms and software companies how to disarm, connect and be remembered by anyone, anytime – crucial skills in the crowded modern world. A successful businesswoman, she’s filled theatres, appeared many times on TV and radio and is often mistaken for a stand up comedienne.


Nicky Pattinson was born in Holmfirth Yorkshire, the daughter of a farmer. Failing academically in grand style she started her working life in a Clarks shoe shop. Selling more shoes in one day than most could in a week, there was the talent. This pattern of unstoppable success continued, creating a £2,000,000 a year market stall business with her ex-husband. Nicky built this from scratch in a mere 2 years.

A series of personal tragedies later rendered Nicky penniless, but modifying what she’d learned and reapplying it in other industries, Nicky went on once again to create millions in revenue for corporate sales. Her projects have seen sales triple in Tesco, Selfridges, Law firms and many large corporate entities. Now a keynote speaker, Nicky is adept at bottling up her knowledge and insights and distributing it among audiences of thousands in the UK, U.S and on zoom across the globe.

Speech Topics

‘’I LOVE YOU … but I don’t know WHY’’ ?

How to resonate, be respected and remembered on a planet of 8 billion people (where many do the same thing as you).


Be SOMEONE. Not EVERYONE – Over 40 and beyond.

How women remain relevant, seen and more successful than ever in the best part of our life.



How to sell yourself to get what you want.

Not just what you do.

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"Nicky is a one off with an unusual gift."

Julian Richer - Founder/Managing Director, Richer Sounds

"We’ve had a lot of speaker trainers over the years. But none like Nicky. A friend for life because she changes your life."

Joanne Falconer - Service Assistant, Kingston Communications

"Nicky is outstanding. No …seriously outstanding. Life-changing, hilarious and electric."

John Liddle - Sales Director, Moda In Pelle

"She’s teaching us to ‘elevate our Charisma’ and she’s on fire as usual. Another hurdle overcome for me. Telling my story so people will want to listen."

Ritchie S. Moore - Wellbeing Expert

"There are speakers who come and enlighten you.Leave and are forgotten. There are true performers who happen to have a message we all need to hear. Nicky is the latter. A cross between a comedienne and a kind of ‘sales evangelist’. Her relaxed style and unusual words have you laughing one minute and moved the next. There are few who could be one day selling buns on Tesco’s shop floor and the next suited and speaking to 600 at the British Library. She spoke on the same bill as some of the biggest names in the audio industry at Radio Festival London and without doubt proved herself to be world class that day."

Roger Cutsforth - M.D. of Radio Academy

"Through the principles of communication Nicky created at World Duty Free. Miracles happened. Literally some lines were up 1000% week on week versus before she arrived. Just the lines we tracked added a whopping £4,000,000 in add on sales in one year. An unforgettable and hilarious character. The most honest you’d meet and an unusual genius of her craft."

Paul Williams - Training Manager, Christian Dior

"Nicky Pattinson is the legend you may not have heard of. Until now. Sharp, focussed driven and hilarious when she needs to be. Never before have I heard bites of spot on wisdom so eloquently packaged in ways that pierce ones defences and set them on fire. She has electrified and related to my own audiences as a guest trainer and earned my wrapt attention as we grow"

Mike Dooley -

"I met Nicky 20 years ago when I created Propaganda when from cold she created nearly £1,000,000 in sales in one year. She then went on to triple sales in Selfridges for my make-up brand. She knows her stuff.  A genius. A mesmerising and hilarious speaker and a generous one off. Book her."

Julian Kynaston - Founder Propaganda, Entrepeneur

"I’ve seen them all. Desmond Tutu and Bill Clinton to name but two. Nobody but NOBODY had the charisma the wit… the heart that Nicky Pattinson has when she speaks. At all costs get in that audience."

John Buttrick

Nicky Pattinson News

Feb 01, 2024

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Dec 14, 2023

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