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Gill Whitty-Collins

Gill Whitty-Collins is the author of ‘WHY MEN WIN AT WORK…and how we can make inequality history.’ After graduating, Gill joined Procter and Gamble, where she led global brands such as Pantene, Olay and Max Factor and swiftly moved up the ladder to Marketing Director, General Manager and ultimately Senior Vice President. At the Senior Executive and Board level, she was struck by the lack of representation of women and fascinated by the invisible, unconscious forces that were holding them back -and made a vow to write and talk about it.


About Gill Whitty-Collins

Gill Whitty-Collins was born near Liverpool and went from the local comprehensive high school to study at Cambridge University.

Now an esteemed keynote speaker, Gill leaves audiences enlightened, inspired, challenged, energised and motivated to drive progress, thanks to her clear, credible vision and her straight talking style that brings clarity to the gender inequality issue in a way that opens minds and makes people think differently. Her speeches are highly inclusive & relatable for everyone in the organisation, bringing men & women together and sparking many questions, nodding heads, penny drop moments and lively discussion that prompts all genders to self-reflect on the work to be done to drive gender equality.

Filled with unbiased perspective, Gill shares clear concepts that people can relate to and practical & very actionable advice & tips to act on. Perfect as an International Women’s Day speaker, Gill’s story and vision will inspire you to join the force to make gender inequality history.

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Speech Topics

Gill’s speech topics include, but are not limited to:

WHY MEN WIN AT WORK… and how we can make inequality history

Why do men win at work? If women are 50% of the world’s population, intelligence & capability, why do men hold over 90% of the leadership positions in the world? And why is this the case when we know that gender equality in leadership drives business performance – and despite all the good intentions & hard work that we see to drive progress. The answer is that there are many invisible, unconscious & unintentional forces in the workplace that hold women back and convince us that men are stronger performers: the Invisible Power of Culture, the Competence vs Confidence Equation, the Umbrella Theory, the Time Gap. And once we truly understand these forces, we can work on each of them together – men, women, all genders – to drive real Gender Equality progress.

THE UMBRELLA THEORY… and why you should never forget your umbrella

There are many invisible, unconscious & unintentional forces in the workplace that hold women back and convince us that men are stronger performers, and one of the most important ones is the Umbrella Theory.

Most women believe that if they work hard, their work will speak for itself. They believe in the myth of meritocracy. Meanwhile, most men know that it’s just that: a myth. The reality is that managers looking down on their organizations just see the tops of everyone’s umbrellas, not the quality of the work going on underneath. But there are many barriers that hold women back from coming out from under the umbrella and investing time in networking and self-marketing – we need to understand these & overcome them, as women and as their managers.

Don’t be an ally – Be a First Class FeMANist

Despite data showing that gender equality in leadership drives business performance and is as positive a thing for men as it is for women, gender inequality still persists.
The problem is that all the good intentions & ‘allyship’ that we see from many men isn’t enough. There are so many invisible, unconscious forces in the workplace that hold women back and all men, no matter how good & decent they are, are unintentionally contributing to these every day: the Invisible Power of Culture, the Competence vs Confidence Equation, the Meeting, the Umbrella Theory, the Time Gap. And once you truly understand all these forces, you can work on each of them as men and become First Class FeMANists who drive Gender Equality. And we really need men to do this – you have over 90% of the
leadership of the world, there will simply be no progress without you.

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"The session was highly engaging, deeply insightful and provided practical advice on how to tackle the gender inequality and diversity issue… really reflected Gill’s fascination, passion and sense of urgency towards resolving the gender inequality issue… She is a woman on a mission."


"As a speaker and facilitator, Gill exhibits exactly the qualities that made her a superb business leader. She is inspiring, passionate, thoughtful, challenging, courageous, experienced, insightful, connected and empathetic. I can not recommend her highly enough as a true change maker; any organisation or team will benefit immediately."

Kinetic Consulting

"It was fantastic! Gill is such a thoughtful, engaging and passionate speaker. Her event was enjoyed by all levels of our organization, from new associates up to our leadership team. If you are looking to engage on gender equality and diversity in general, Gill is your person. Highly recommend!"


"Gill is an incredible speaker, lending her powerful voice to the critical issue of gender inequality… Her message prompted both men & women in our organization to self-reflect on the work to be done by all to make gender inequality history."


"Magnificent, highly engaging and energizing… Gill has engaged the almost 300 participants from the start with her pragmatic, energizing mindset and her openness to share her experience and learnings… If you are organizing an event or activity around Diversity and Inclusion, I highly recommend inviting Gill!"


"Gill did a keynote speech and was truly inspirational. The feedback was the best we had received in a long time. What really resonated with our business was her unbiased perspective and the fact it was relatable not just to women but to everyone in our organization. Her experience within the industry and forthright vision is credible and truly inspiring."

General Mills

"Gill was a brilliant speaker… She is passionate about her subject but also rational and pragmatic about the route to change. I found her to be an energising force and someone who is liked by, and motivational to, a diverse community. Her book is great, too."

Selwyn College, Cambridge

"Utterly captivating & down to earth… our top speaker (out of 60)."

Future of Work and Learning

"A very good session, one of the best overall, the choice of the main speaker was excellent - very real and very insightful… engaging and had a good story to tell… We received glowing feedback from our audience as Gill’s speech (and Q&A) was interesting, engaging and filled with practical advice for our members. We look forward to Gill speaking at future FT events."

FT Live

"One of the best webinars we have ever put on."

LEAD Network

Gill Whitty-Collins News

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