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Dr Amrit Chandan

Dr Amrit Chandan is an inspiring visionary speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, and Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree. As Aceleron's Co-Founder and CEO, Amrit addresses climate, resource, and poverty challenges. Amrit empowers audiences with motivation and clarity on tackling climate change. His captivating insights on building eco-friendly, successful businesses will drive attendees to take decisive action with renewed energy and commitment to a sustainable future.


About Amrit Chandan

Unlock the secrets to Amrit’s success as he shares his “Sustainability Powered Growth” strategy. With a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a talent for raising £15m in funding, Amrit’s relatable and engaging approach demonstrates that anyone can foster innovation, build strong partnerships, and scale impact. Don’t miss this chance to transform your organisation’s future with the practical guidance of this extraordinary entrepreneur and visionary speaker.

Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Visionary Speaker for a Sustainable Future

A firm believer in the power of entrepreneurship to tackle societal challenges and drive positive change for humanity, Amrit Chandan is a captivating speaker who shares his insights with organisations around the world. As an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and PhD holder in Chemical Engineering (Fuel Cell Technology), Amrit is passionate about creating a net-positive impact on the environment through innovative solutions and sustainable business practices that are applicable across every industry sector, organisation type and scale.

Amrit co-founded Aceleron, a technology company that designs and licenses lithium-ion battery packs with a circular economy focus. Through his leadership, he has raised over £15m in funding, forged key partnerships with organisations such as Shell, Toyota, Total Energies, and Barclays, and built a passionate and committed team. His commitment to sustainability is evident in his approach to business, which he calls “Sustainability Powered Growth.”

Amrit has earned numerous accolades for his work, including being named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 List in 2017, the Hawley Award for Engineering Innovation, and being appointed as a Safer End of Engineered Life Champion by the Royal Academy of Engineering. His extensive experience in growing a team, commercial leadership, business finance strategy, international corporate strategy, and corporate governance has made him a sought-after advisor and speaker.

As an engaging and compelling public speaker and advocate for entrepreneurial action against climate change, Amrit believes that harnessing the power of human industry and creativity is essential to tackling the world’s biggest challenges – and has a clear vision and recipe for how individuals, teams, businesses and organisations can get motivated, activated and make a measurable difference – focusing on creating a positive impact on the environment, society, and stakeholders.

When engaging with Amrit, audiences will gain practical insights and steps to initiate change within their organisations and industries more widely. He offers valuable perspectives on fostering a culture of innovation, implementing sustainable business models that drive both societal good and profit, and driving product innovation to achieve commercial goals.

Drawing from his diverse background in technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership, Amrit’s engaging and insightful presentations provide actionable takeaways for audience members.

Amrit’s thought-provoking discussions and captivating storytelling will leave your audience inspired, informed, and eager to make a difference in the world. Invite Amrit Chandan to speak at your next event and experience the immense benefits of his wisdom and expertise for your organisation.

Speech Topics

Amrit’s keynote topics include but are not limited to:


The Greenprint: Designing a Sustainable Business from the Ground Up.

Follow Amrit’s blueprint for success as he reveals the essential elements of creating an environmentally-conscious organisation.


Energising the Future: Shockingly Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Planet.

Power up your organisation’s green initiatives with Amrit’s insights.


From Fuel Cells to Fortune: Charging Ahead with Green Entrepreneurship.

Discover how to turn your sustainable ideas into a flourishing business with Amrit’s expert guidance.


Batteries Included: A Circular Economy in Action.

Uncover the secret to maximising resource efficiency and minimising waste with Amrit’s revolutionary approach.


Powering Change: Amplitude and Ambition in Sustainable Business.

Learn how to amp up your sustainability efforts and make a lasting impact with Amrit’s powerful strategies.


Watt’s Next? Forecasting the Future of Clean Energy and Green Tech.

Stay current with the latest trends and innovations in the rapidly evolving world of sustainable technology, as illuminated by Amrit.


Innovating on innovators innovations: The creative engine of sustainable growth.

Learn how to use creativity to power your innovations and drive sustainability.

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"Amrit was an excellent addition to our ESG conference on resource scarcity and sustainable technologies. Amrit’s expertise on battery technology was well received by the audience, including the ability to articulate complex patents and the investment opportunity clearly for institutional investors."

Head of Sustainable & Thematic Investing - Barclays Corporate Bank

"Amrit was a panelist at a recent event for my organisation, the British Business Bank, taking part in a session entitled Innovation Stories: Putting innovation into practice. Amrit was a very engaging and insightful contributor, covering both the main topic of innovation and his business funding journey. He was an excellent speaker on both topics, making informative and interesting points which contributed to a very well received event."

British Business Bank

"We thoroughly enjoyed having Amrit as a speaker at the WIRED Energy Tech Summit with Octopus. His engaging discussion on the panel with Deborah Meaden received an ovation and the conversation undeniably gave our audience some key takeaways from the event. We are grateful for Amrit's contribution, his ability to convey complex ideas with clarity and passion, and we look forward to future collaborations."

WIRED Events Team

Amrit Chandan News

Dec 06, 2023

Benefits of Booking a Keynote Speaker for your Event

May 23, 2023

Sustainability Powered Growth

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