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Misha Glenny

An award-winning journalist and former BBC Central Europe Correspondent, Misha Glenny has covered some of the most important events of our time, including the 1989 revolutions and the wars in the former Yugoslavia. But Misha's expertise extends far beyond geo-politics. He's also a leading voice in the world of cyber-security and a sought-after speaker on topics such as hackers, fake news and disinformation, global organised crime, and geopolitics.


About Misha Glenny

With his experience as a regular contributor on TV and radio, Misha knows how to engage an audience and deliver information in an accessible, entertaining way. One of Misha’s key insights is the importance of communication in the cyber security industry. He’s seen firsthand the alarming shortcomings that can arise when there’s a gulf between information security and other departments, which can increase risk and vulnerability.

Using visual examples that are both humorous and frightening, Misha Glenny explains how cyber security needs to be integrated into all aspects of business to minimise risks. And with his first-hand insight into the criminal mind, Misha is uniquely qualified to reveal surprising aspects of hackers’ motivations and characters.

Misha is also an experienced broadcaster and investigative journalist with early training as an actor, which gives him the ability to tell compelling stories that will keep your audience engaged. With accolades such as the Sony Gold Award for Outstanding Contribution to Broadcasting and BT’s Information Security Journalist of the Year, Misha is a highly respected and authoritative voice in his field.


Speech Topics

Misha Glenny is able to talk on topics including:

  • Fraud, Corruption and Corporate Crime
  • Cybersecurity
  • International Affairs
  • Science and technology

Some of his most popular keynotes include:

Cybersecurity is Made Out of People

When it comes to protecting your business from cyber threats, expensive digital security systems are only part of the solution. You can build a digital fortress, but you can’t stop your employees accidentally or intentionally letting the bad guys in through the front door. Based on his interviews with criminal hackers and intelligence agents, Misha reveals the jaw-dropping social engineering that is employed with great success by many modern ‘hackers’, explains how you can safeguard your business against it, and demonstrates why these techniques are at the centre of a monumental battle between the US, Europe, Russia and China.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain – Two sides of the same Bitcoin.

Why are central governments so terrified of cryptocurrencies? And just what are blockchain, bitcoin and Web 3.0 anyway? Misha explains all this and more in an illuminating talk that takes us on a journey through the darker side of these technologies and their implications for you, your company and the world at large.

The Real McMafia – The Rise of Organised Crime and Global Money Laundering

HSBC, Barclays, Deutsche Bank… an increasing number of the world’s leading financial institutions have fallen foul of criminals looking to turn their filthy lucre into nice clean cash. But how do they do it? Using clips from his TV Show McMafia, Misha will reveal staggering details about how organised crime went global, how some of the most spectacular money launderers duped the banks, and what dangers lie in wait for the financial world if this problem is not taken seriously.

Geopolitics – how the hell did we get here and where are we going?

The chaos of Brexit. Trump. Runaway climate change. After forty years of travelling the world and speaking to many of the main players – from Clinton to Putin, from Milosevic to Boris Johnson – Misha Glenny is in a unique position to explain what has really been going on in the world over the past three decades and, most importantly, to predict what risks the future may hold and how we may go about navigating them.


Here you can find links to books by Misha Glenny. For bulk book orders for your event please speak with a member of the team.

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