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Michael Fraser

Michael Fraser is one of the UK's best known Security experts and was the co-presenter of the BBC's "Beat the Burglar" as well as Principal Mentor in C4's "Going Straight". He is a hugely uplifting speaker, sharing not only his experiences as a child growing up in care and how he came so close to it all going very wrong. Audiences readily take to Michael, recognising his strength of character, determination and the art of persuasion which he uses to highlight the dangers we all have of becoming a victim of crime. His clients include Go Compare, Halfords, Safe Style and Auto Trader.


About Michael Fraser

Michael Fraser is fully committed to giving advice on how to avoid being a victim. His speeches appeal to business people and ‘decision makers’ alike, helping them to re-appraise their attitudes as to what makes a criminal and what can be done to turn them into useful members of society. (Sadly, the majority of kids brought up in care, end up with a criminal record and most never get out of the vicious circle of crime/institutions). Michael has a ready wit, so any talk on his life and work will make the audience both laugh and cry, and will also change their attitudes and perceptions.




Michael Fraser spent much of his childhood in and out of care. He was expelled from more than one school, eventually leaving with no qualifications to mention. He drifted into petty crime in his early adulthood and generally seemed to be heading down a steep and slippery slope.

Looking back to his youth, Michael recalls the turning point in his life. The owner of a small aluminium company was prepared to “take a risk” and employ him as a junior. Due to his sheer fright at the looming prospect of a jail sentence Michael threw himself into his work. It was this humble start sweeping the factory floor that enabled Michael to become what he is today. He has not forgotten this, indeed it has become his personal mission to see that others can be given such chances.

Michael Fraser is best known through his work on BBC’s ‘To Catch a Thief’ programme, which, by the end of the series, was achieving an audience of 8 million viewers. Two series of “Beat the Burglar” was also shown on the BBC. Michael’s series for Channel 4, entitled, ‘Going Straight’, followed eight people with criminal records who were offered a chance to hold-down a job running a flower shop in London.

Michael Fraser is also in much demand as a home security expert and his helpful tips about protecting your home and personal belongings are very useful too.

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