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Dr Aaron Balick

Dr Aaron Balick is an author, consultant and the CEO of international psychology hub, Stillpoint Spaces. His extensive career has spanned over twenty years in psychotherapy, and he has drawn on this experience to author his acclaimed books The Little Book of Calm and Keep Your Cool. His books are renowned for their digestible style and being full of tools to help people make small changes to improve their everyday lives.


About Dr Aaron Balick

Dr Aaron Balick is an internationally recognised scholar in the field of psychology of technology. He is passionate about applying cutting-edge psychological research to the challenges of today that are faced by everyone, from businesses and organisations to individuals.


Dr Aaron Balick has written and contributed to media in all forms. He has featured on TV and BBC Radio, sharing his insights, and has written for publications like Wired, The Guardian, and The Independent. Dr Aaron has also been hailed as a 21st Century Professional by Newsweek Magazine.

Speech Topics

Drawing on cutting-edge and proven psychological research, Aaron’s keynotes tackle subjects such as:

The psychology of technology and social media

Navigating the world of mobile devices and ubiquitous social media can be a challenge. From online dating to communicating via Slack in the workplace, we all need to be more cognisant of the consequences of our reliance on technology to mediate our relationships. Understanding the psychology of technology in relation to our personal needs is crucial to solving this universal problem.

Psychological wellbeing and excellence in the workplace

Drawing on research from emotional intelligence, mindfulness, positive psychology and clinical psychology, Dr Balick offers direct insights into how leaders, managers, and teams can better work together in psychologically safe and emotionally intelligent workplaces, increasing personal productivity and levels of wellbeing.

Alignment: a different perspective on work/life balance

There is no such thing as a work/life balance. We spend too much time in the workplace to have to wait until we get home to find balance. Rather, we can think about how the workplace as a place for a particular kind of self-expression with a particular aim in mind. By creating emotionally and psychologically attuned practices at work, we can find that work more satisfying, productive, and nourishing.

Aaron has spoken to a wide variety of different audiences and has worked with a diversity of companies and organisations from airlines and tech companies to fashion, education, and television and other forms of media.

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