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Conor Randall

Conor Randall faced stage 4 cancer at the age of 29, turning to palliative chemotherapy and then holistic healing. He overcame medical odds by eliminating cancer through mental health focus and lifestyle changes, inspiring hope in adversity.


About Conor Randall

In November 2021, at the age of just 29, Conor Randall’s life took an unexpected turn when he received a stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Stomach cancer had metastasized to his pancreas, gallbladder, and abdominal nodules, rendering the simple acts of eating and drinking impossible. Faced with the grim reality of an aggressive disease, Conor underwent a major surgery – a partial stomach bypass – in a desperate bid to save his life. Despite their efforts, conventional treatments proved futile, and the prognosis was daunting, ranging from a mere eight weeks to a best-case scenario of two years.

Undeterred by the dire circumstances, Conor commenced a gruelling series of palliative chemotherapy sessions, enduring sixteen cycles over the next nine months. The turning point in his journey emerged not from medical interventions but from an exploration into the realms of holistic healing and the profound connection between mental health and physical well-being.

In the wake of his diagnosis, Conor’s partner delved into literature about radical remissions and alternative healing methods. This quest for hope led them to a profound realization – the profound impact of poor mental health on the body. Conor, who had endured chronic stress and prolonged states of mental distress, recognized that these factors were not just correlated with his illness but were, in fact, the keys to understanding and overcoming it.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to saving his own life, Conor embarked on a transformative journey of self-discovery. This expedition into the recesses of his mind unveiled the intricate ways past traumas had shaped his thought patterns, fostering toxic habits that perpetuated a cycle of self-destruction. Methodically rewiring his mental landscape and confronting the traumas that birthed them, he began to experience true healing.

In a bold move, Conor decided to abandon chemotherapy and all conventional medical treatments in September 2022, despite still harboring active cancer in his body. His resilience, determination, and holistic approach bore fruit when, in October 2023, the month he was told would be his last, he received miraculous news – no traces of active cancer remained in his body. The metastatic disease had vanished from the scans, defying the medical odds.

Conor Randall’s perspective on his battle with cancer has transformed. He now perceives it as a formidable teacher that appeared when he needed it most. The journey through life’s darkest corners unearthed an inner fire he never knew existed. Today, Conor stands as a renewed man on a mission to illuminate the path for those navigating seemingly hopeless circumstances. His purpose is clear – to demonstrate that even the most devastating experiences can be transformed into the greatest blessings, inspiring others to find strength in adversity and turn their lives around.

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Speech Topics
  • Motivation

Few can recount a time where they’ve had to be motivated enough to try and save their own life. Hearing from Conor gives us an understanding of what it took for him to survive.

  • Mental/physical health and wellbeing

Conor articulates what it’s like being told you’re terminally ill, with only weeks to live. He tells us what that does to your mental health and how you try and process information like this. He also educates us on the physical implications treatment does, and what his physical and mental health looks like today.

  • Cultivating belief

Conor’s story is as much self belief in living, as shared belief in living. He tells us how he leant heavily on his partner and the impact friends and family had on his recovery.

  • Resilience

Conors story is the ultimate case of resilience. He stared death in the face and did everything he could to turn it away. Fortunately, it’s a happy ending and Conor lives to tell the tale.

  •  Routine

Highlighting routine as areas of good and bad. The good, eating well, positive mindset, healthy exercise, stress management, and the bad; over working, stressful jobs, burnout, unhealthy food, drinking too much etc.

  •  Stress management

This was an integral part of Conor’s recovery and sustained health. He talks about how he dealt with the stress of the diagnosis and how he now deals with the stress of life.

  • Acceptance

Acceptance for Conor was understanding what he’s got, accepting the situation, then understanding how he can deal with it.

  • Dealing with setbacks/adversity

Hear from Conor how he dealt with, and continues to deal with the ultimate setback….a death sentence.

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