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Tim Harris

Tim Harris overcame depression, arthritis, and a shoulder reconstruction, before completing the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic. He raised £160,000 for teenage mental health. Transitioning to coaching, he now helps others manage stress and build resilience, drawing from his profound personal and professional transformations. His coaching has benefited organisations like Google and the Royal Marines, emphasizing his impact on mental well-being and professional effectiveness.


About Tim Harris

Tim Harris is a renowned motivational speaker and resilience coach, celebrated for his exceptional journey of mental and physical endurance.

Having begun his career in the high-stakes world of oil trading, Tim reached the pinnacle of his field as the Global Head of Fuel Oil for PVM Oil Associates. Despite his success, Tim faced personal battles with depression, severe arthritis, and a challenging shoulder reconstruction.

These adversities led him to undertake one of the world’s most formidable challenges—the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. Rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic, Tim not only conquered physical and mental barriers but also raised £160,000 for teenage mental health, showcasing unparalleled resilience.

Leaving behind a lucrative career in 2020, Tim embarked on a mission to share his insights and experiences. Drawing from his vast experience, he now aids individuals and organisations in managing stress, building resilience, and navigating life’s tumultuous changes. Tim’s coaching has enlightened organisations such as the Royal Marines, the Royal Navy, Google, and the NHS, emphasising mental toughness, teamwork, and effective stress management.

Tim’s presentations are imbued with humour and humanity, offering actionable strategies for overcoming adversity. His tales range from amusing anecdotes to profound lessons on persistence, making him a sought-after resilience speaker for companies and organizations aiming to inspire and equip their teams for success. Tim Harris transforms his extraordinary life story into powerful lessons on resilience, goal-setting, and overcoming the odds, ensuring audiences leave with both motivation and practical advice for facing their challenges.

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Speech Topics
  •  Burnout

Tim is well associated with the cause and effects of burnout. He lived it. His experiences are told to us in an educated and sincere manner.

  • Motivation

Motivation from Tim can easily be associated to the 3000mile unassisted rowing race he completed, however, Tim also elaborates about how motivation for him is being a good, present father and husband.

  • Suicide ideation

During his darkest times, suicide ideation was a real threat to Tim. He addresses this subject with honesty and sympathy to what it is.

  • Mental/physical health

The physical feat of rowing 3000miles is hard to comprehend, however we often forget about the utter repetitiveness of constantly having to row, two hour shifts, for 52 days straight.

  • Resilience

Tim can testify to countless times his resilience was tested. He’s had to garner resilience in his mental health and resilience in his physical attributes.

  • Routine

Though he’s happy and well educated to talk about the routine of rowing constantly for 52 days, he often likens this topic to his corporate days and how his routine was his downfall.

  • High pressure/stress management

At a point in Tim’s life, he was 1,500miles from any means of medical assistance. The pressure and stress associated to this can overwhelm many. Tim explains how he managed!

  • Productivity

Tim elaborates on the positive effects of productivity and how it can help lead to a healthier, happier life.

  • Setbacks/adversity

With suicide as an unwelcoming presence in Tim’s life, he talks us through how he pulled himself from such adversity and into competing and completing the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Rowing Race.

  • Teamwork

His 3000mile row was with friend, Simon. Tim talks to us about being part of a small, intricate team, highly dependable on each other!

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