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Charlotte Storey

Charlotte Storey is a former West End actor turned presenter. She captivates audiences with her insights on self-mastery, leadership, and overcoming fear. Her experiences, from helping the Royal Marines Band to mastering her own disability to pilot an aircraft, showcase her unique perspective on high-pressure performance, diversity, and resilience.


About Charlotte Storey

Charlotte Storey was once a shining star on the West End stage. She now captivates as a presenter, bringing her exceptional skill in accents, movement, and humor to discussions on self-mastery, bold leadership, facing fears head-on, and disability insights.

She recounts her pivotal role in aiding the Royal Marines Band to surmount stage fright for major events like the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II and the coronation of King Charles III. Through these experiences, Charlotte imparts knowledge on mastering oneself mentally and physically in stressful situations, fostering team unity amid diversity, and valuing innate talents.

Charlotte’s unique journey of overcoming her disability to fly an aircraft has led numerous organizations, including the HM Royal Marines Band, BBC, Disney, Nickelodeon, The Bank of England, Nat West Bank, Warburtons, and Homebase, to seek her wisdom on human performance and daring self-leadership.

Being a woman with a disability, Charlotte offers invaluable advice to both elite, high-functioning teams and large, diverse companies. She emphasizes the importance of embracing diversity in hiring, the distinctive advantages female leaders offer in traditionally male roles, self-mastery, proactive behavior, and transformational over transactional leadership. She advocates for self-care, the necessity of reflection time during work hours, and methods to combat adversity and fear-driven reactions. Charlotte’s life and work exemplify the benefits of applying these strategies to surmount personal challenges.

Charlotte is also penning a book, “Not the Whole Storey,” a witty exploration of her journey through a severe genetic condition. This narrative outlines the self-mastery methods that propelled her from a lengthy hospital stay to the West End, from losing her right arm’s function to piloting an aircraft. Her discussions and writings focus on the hurdles leaders face during change, underscoring the significance of innovative problem-solving and the courage required to seek new directions when faced with insurmountable challenges.

Charlotte leads the charge in empowering senior executives to reenter their fields with enhanced leadership abilities, the knowledge to unlock their teams’ latent potential, and the skills to foster resilience, team unity, and a shared vision.

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Speech Topics

Charlotte Storey’s speech topics include, but are not limited to:

Mastering the aesthetics of leadership: cultivating the power of presence

Charlotte is an expert at developing gravitas through complete mastery of mindset, physical embodiment, and vocalisation. For those seeking to maximise impact,

Charlotte shares techniques for taking and holding space, and for developing the aesthetics of confidence to scaffold the authority factors associated with senior leadership.

Why settle for managing the events of your life when you could have mastery over them?

Charlotte solves this problem by telling powerful stories about the stage fright that blighted her career, in response to which she shares the self-mastery techniques she uses to successfully eliminate performance anxieties in elite individuals.

Improving employee wellbeing and reversing silent quitting

As a theatre director, adept at working with elite ensembles, Charlotte talks to disunified teams and their leaders about how to cultivate dynamic listening skills within the workforce. She highlights techniques that raise awareness about the importance of sensing without seeing and reading and reacting appropriately to non-verbal communication to maximise team cohesion.

Proactivity: the centrality of the abundant mind frame in personal goal setting

Terrified of heights and determined not to become disabled in spirit as well as in body, Charlotte successfully executed the ultimate self-mastery challenge, when in 2021, she gained a pilot’s license. She remains one of the few people in the world to have mastered one-handed flight. Her story of becoming pilot in command of her reactions throws new light on resilience theories. Dissatisfied with the unreliable results that traditional coping strategies bring to anxiety management; she is living proof that consistent results come through surrendering to dread and building back. This talk is perfectly pitched for visionary leaders striking out into uncharted areas and looking to inspire their teams to problem solve at the highest level.

Experience over skills
Unable to read a note of music and never having had a drama lesson, Charlotte achieved the heights as a professional performer and coach and encourages businesses to look beyond qualifications to see the value of experience over skills in building a high functioning team.

Diversity and equality

Charlotte talks about the challenges of growing up gay in a strict religious household, and of the need for better workplace training around collective intelligence to harness the skills of a wide-cross section of society.

All behaviour is communication.

Charlotte’s childhood was cancelled by her father’s spinal disability, and as a young

carer, she struggled with social isolation, rage, and depression. She presents effective approaches to interpreting people’s non-verbal barriers to integration highlighting the need to embrace compassionate approaches to leadership.

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