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Alan Coxon

Alan Coxon is a TV chef and British television presenter. He is a culinary consultant, food archaeologist, author of five cookbooks, food and travel writer and product creator. Alan has a long standing interest and passion of Food Archaeology and is classed as one of the very few food Archaeologists around. Alan has presented more than 1,250 TV food and travel shows to date, filmed and screened around the world Alan launched his TV career with 135 Shows of  'Coxon's Kitchen College'.


About Alan Coxon

Alan Coxon spent 4 years cooking on ‘Gloria Hunniford’s Open House’ for Channel 5 and as many years with Food network UK. In 2014, he was invited by the Prime Minister’s office and to Downing Street in 2014 to become a “British Ambassador of Food and Drink” and today he regular travels to embassies around the world to assist in helping to raise the profile of British gastronomy and ingredients, cooking for ambassadors and VIP’s.


He launched the Saturday TV cookery programs with two series of ‘Ever Wondered about Food’ for BBC2, whilst shows such as ‘Coxon’s Royal Feast’ and ‘Coxon’s Sporting Feast’ saw him cooking with royalty and sporting legends for BBC Worldwide and was voted within the top 10 favourite TV chef presenters in the world by a BBC poll. Alan has been filming in countries such as India, Canada, China and Hong Kong, as well as making appearances on TV shows in countries such as Mexico and Serbia.

Alan has won 6 Gold Innovation and superior Taste awards for his historic food range of products, as well as achieving 6 International Gold awards for fat sculptures at Salon Culinaires.  Alan has written many cookbooks, with his ‘Ready in Minutes’ cookbook being rated in the top 3 “Best cookbook of the world” title, whilst his ‘Birmingham to Bombay’ food and travel cookbook attained “Best British food and travel cookbook 2015” and was shortlisted for the “World Gourmet book awards” 2016.

Alan is a renowned and respected judge and judges in a variety of UK food, Innovation and restaurant awards, as well as being the British team leader for the iTQi (International Taste and Quality Institute) Judge in Brussels.   In November 2016, Alan hosted and was a speaker at the World Chefs Summit and was a TED x Speaker in Monte Carlo.  Alan was Awarded the prestigious “Maitrise Escoffier” and the “Palmes Culinaire” awards by his peers for service to the Hospitality Industry.

Speech Topics

’50 Tastes of Grey’ : A look at how Men and Women Taste food differently and questions whether readymade and processed foods should be made specifically towards male/female genders for the greater enjoyment and olerific pleasures of eating.

Food Archaeology : The history of food! Every ingredient has a place of birth , every ingredient that we find on our supermarket shelves once caused wars, was used as currency, as an aphrodisiac or natural medicine. Every country has fascinating and remarkable culinary influences where I like to take you on a culinary journey back in time and offer a “taste of the past for kitchens of the future”

Who did you think you were? : Every century has played host to some remarkable chefs that have influenced our present dietary habits, the founders of gastronomy, from the first ever cookbook written, to the culinary trials and tribulations of the forgotten hero`s who`s influences remain today.

The Sexology of Taste and Aphrodisiac foods : Can food possess such powers or is it simply mind over matter!?.

Food Innovation : Creating truly unique ingredients for the modern market place, and understanding the challenges of getting a product to market.

How to become a TV Chef! : A light hearted look and the reality what really happens behind the scenes of a TV cookery show!

Booking Information


"Alan is a real professional with great experience, he is knowledgeable and friendly. Under trying circumstances he managed to incorporate a great sense of humour in his culinary demonstrations and drew upon an impressive range of facts and information to entertain his audience..."

Jonathon Allen (British Ambassador to Bulgaria)

"Alan Coxon made a major contribution to the success of the GREAT Britain campaign with his wealth of knowledge of global cuisine .I was impressed by his willingness to work and assist me on projects and events above and beyond his requirements after a very busy few days cooking some very impressive lunches and delivering incredibly entertaining cookery demonstrations, as well as his extensive travel, helping to boost the UK brand and impressing the organisers of the event. I very much hope that I will have the opportunity to work with Alan again in India or elsewhere in the world."

David Lelliott OBE (British Deputy High Commissioner India)

"Alan is a real professional taster, one of the selected Chefs of our iTQi jury. We have always appreciated its expertise in evaluating the food products submitted. His judgement and comments are highly valued by our clients from around the world. Moreover, he is a fantastic guy to work with."

Christian De Bauw (Director of the International Taste and Quality


Alan Coxon News

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