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Ben Tavassoli

Ben Tavassoli ia a talented actor known for roles in 'Silent Witness,' 'Bulletproof,' and 'An Acceptable Loss.' Ben is also known for his openness about mental health struggles, inspiring others with his journey from drama school to international recognition.


About Ben Tavassoli

Ben Tavassoli is a talented actor, having worked alongside actresses such as  Jamie Lee Curtis.

Outside of his impressive acting career it’s Ben’s candour and honesty regarding his battles with mental health that makes him so relatable and inspirational. The entertainment industry can be demanding and competitive, and the pressure to constantly secure the next job can take a toll on an actor’s mental and emotional well-being. By sharing his experiences and struggles as a mental health speaker, he not only humanises the challenges faced by people from all walks of life but helps raise awareness about mental health issues, making it easier for others to relate to and seek help when needed.

Ben’s journey in the entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable. It all began in 2015 when he left drama school early, lured by the opportunity presented when scouted by one of the UK’s leading talent agencies. This decision led to an immediate role in the Paul Abbott-created cop drama “No Offence” on Channel 4, setting the stage for his career’s ascent.

Ben’s talent quickly caught the attention of viewers, and he went on to play significant roles in popular series such as BBC’s “Silent Witness” and the US Fox production “Tyrant,” from the creators of “Homeland.”

However, his career reached new heights when he was cast as the lead character Rash in the BBC One detective drama “New Blood,” written by Anthony Horowitz. This role thrust him into the spotlight and showcased his acting prowess.

Crossing the Atlantic, Ben secured the lead role in the international cinema feature film “An Acceptable Loss,” sharing the screen with the iconic Jamie Lee Curtis. He also played a US paratrooper in the Warner Brothers blockbuster “Overlord,” produced by none other than JJ Abrams of “Star Wars” fame. Filmed at Warner Brothers Studios, this experience further solidified Ben’s presence in the industry.

Back in the UK, Ben garnered significant public recognition for his portrayal of the notorious bad boy Mikey Markides in the Sky One series “Bulletproof.” His versatility as an actor shone through in this role, earning him a dedicated following.Currently, Ben is captivating audiences as Louis Costa in the hit Channel 4 prison drama “Screw.”

Beyond his acting career, Ben is eager to share the valuable lessons he has learned throughout his rollercoaster journey in the entertainment industry. From working under pressure alongside industry giants to overcoming personal challenges and struggles with mental health, he is committed to sharing his experiences and insights with others. As he continues to thrive in his career, Ben’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals facing their own obstacles in life.

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Speech Topics
  • Mental health and wellbeing

Ben offers candor and vulnerability regarding his own battles with mental health and wellbeing. His passion for doing something he loves comes with baggage and in understanding how he carries it, he offers relatability and possible coping mechanisms.

  • High performance/Performance under pressure

Hear how Ben had to perform alongside a Hollywood heavyweight in an international feature film!

  • Motivation

Ben’s story to date inspires and motivates through earnest stories, raw vulnerability and a constant desire to push on and keep going!

  • Dealing with setbacks/adversity

The fickle world of acting offers endless hope married with an alarming rate of false promises. Ben shares stories of being told he’s ‘made it’, only to find himself back on the building site, months later.

  • Confidence

Ben elborates how vital confidence is to him and how he brings it to the surface, when he needs it the most.

  • Educational within acting

Inspiring the next generation, offering tips of the trade, being a sound board and importantly, educating people on what the acting industry is like, is something Ben is passionate about.

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