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Amanda Fox

Amanda Fox, author of “The Canva Classroom,” and coauthor of the best selling book “The AI Classroom,” is a distinguished educator and stands as a leading force in the realm of technology education, specifically the integration of artificial intelligence to enhance learning and instructional design. Devoting her life to the advancement of learning, Amanda has become a revered figure known for her unwavering commitment to shaping the future of education.


About Amanda Fox

Acknowledged for her significant contributions, Amanda has garnered recognition as a Top 100 Edtech Educator in the world and has received prestigious awards, including the ISTE Emerging Leader Award, The STEM Excellence Award, and the esteemed title of PBS Digital Innovator. Her innovative teaching methods and progressive approaches have not only ignited the curiosity of countless students but have also positioned her as a trailblazer within the education sector. Currently, Amanda serves as the Community Manager of, guiding company content development, leveraging important conversations around AI, and guiding districts through responsible use policy. Her education background includes a M.A. from Penn State in learning, design, and technology, and a leadership certificate from Harvard’s CAEL program.

Amanda has trained over 10,000 educators across the globe, and has collaborated with multiple districts and companies to help craft a roadmap to successful AI adoption. As a prolific author and producer of content, Amanda Fox has penned numerous books, articles, and educational resources, sharing her wealth of knowledge and insights with educators globally. Her writings reflect a profound understanding of the evolving educational landscape, offering practical solutions to enhance the classroom experience and navigate the challenges of modern education. She has produced and cohosted the #WeekofAI virtual event, and Curicon, a weeklong virtual conference dedicated to teaching and learning in the AI revolution in addition to keynoting on AI, STEM, and UDL worldwide.

Amanda’s influence extends globally as she champions progressive teaching methods. Her commitment to innovation and dedication to nurturing young minds have solidified her reputation as a transformative figure in education.

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Speech Topics

Amanda’s talks include, but are not limited to:

  • World of Promptcraft – 1-2 hours

“World of Promptcraft” offers a transformative approach to teaching by teaching educators how to create engaging prompts that inspire and challenge students. This session delves into the art of promptcrafting, emphasizing its potential to revolutionise
teaching methods. Regardless of teaching experience, attendees will gain the skills to craft prompts that enhance educational
achievement while incorporating AI-generated art and reimagining educational standards and course design.

  • Teaching and learning in the AI Revolution – 1 hour

Join Amanda for an inspirational keynote that will catapult you into the heart of the AI revolution in education! As the world transforms at an unprecedented pace, educators stand at the forefront of innovation. In this keynote, Amanda explores the big question of how AI will reshape the landscape of teaching and learning. Together, we will revolutionise the way we teach and
learn, harnessing the power of AI to unlock boundless potential for all.

  • Guardians of Originality: Addressing Plagiarism in the AI Galaxy – 1-2 hours

In this session, Amanda delves into the importance of authenticity in a vast knowledge universe, particularly in light of AI-generated text. Discover innovative teaching approaches that encourage creativity, original thought, and the development of distinct student voices. Explore frameworks that integrate artificial intelligence as a collaborative tool in the writing process, and gain insights into using high-tech AI detection tools and ethical considerations to address plagiarism and related policies.

  • Game of Chromes

In this session, we will explore an array of Google Chrome extensions, each designed to elevate your pedagogical approach
and empower your students on their quest for knowledge. Channel your inner Daenerys Targaryen as you ‘break the wheel’ of
conventional teaching methods. Explore extensions that facilitate collaborative learning, scaffold research and note taking skills,
and cater to the unique strengths and weaknesses of each student. Discover extensions that facilitate real-time feedback and assessment, fostering a continuous feedback loop between you and your students.

  • DOK Punchout: Using AI Tools To Unpack Standards to Design Depth of Knowledge Activities – 1 hour

Unlock the full potential of your educational standards with our innovative professional development workshop, “DOK
Punchout.” Dive deep into the world of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) and learn how to leverage cutting-edge AI tools to dissect
and interpret standards, transforming them into rich, engaging learning experiences. In this interactive and informative workshop, you will discover the power of Artificial Intelligence in educational planning. Our expert facilitators will guide you through the process of deconstructing complex standards, identifying cognitive demands, and designing purposeful Depth of Knowledge activities that align seamlessly with your curriculum.

  • UDL and AI: Making Learning Accessible for All – 1 hour

In this interactive workshop, Amanda illuminates the transformative synergy between AI and the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). In this dynamic session, educators will discover how AI can be harnessed to craft adaptable and engaging learning materials that cater to the needs of students with varying abilities and backgrounds. Witness the power of AI in automating the production of diverse formats and modalities, ensuring that content is accessible and resonates with every learner. Engage in hands-on exploration of AI tools that analyze individual learning patterns, enabling educators to personalise instruction
and provide targeted support. With AI as a partner, educators will seamlessly align their teaching materials with the UDL framework, fostering an inclusive classroom where each student thrives.


Here you can find links to books by Amanda Fox. For bulk book orders for your event please speak with a member of the team.

the ai classroom the canva classroom markertown

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