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Rob Hosking

Rob Hosking is a TEDx motivational speaker, former front-line police officer, and mental health advocate. Known for his authentic delivery, he shares powerful narratives of resilience and wellbeing, helping businesses prioritize mental health and cultivate positive work cultures. His talks balance humour with vulnerability, leaving lasting impressions on audiences.


About Rob Hosking

Rob Hosking is a renowned TEDx international motivational speaker, former front-line police officer, and dedicated advocate for mental health and workplace wellbeing. With a unique background and a fearless approach, Rob shares a powerful narrative of personal transformation, resilience, and the pursuit of genuine happiness.

As a former front-line police officer, Rob has faced significant mental health challenges and trauma, including dealing with suicides and the death of a colleague. These experiences have shaped his understanding of stress management, resilience building, and mental health, making him a sought-after speaker in the corporate world. He imparts invaluable lessons on prioritising wellbeing and thriving in the face of adversity.

Rob delves into the pivotal role that employee happiness plays in driving organisational excellence, highlighting how the wellbeing and resilience of any workforce are essential ingredients for a thriving organisation. Committed to helping businesses prioritise mental health, cultivate resilience, and create a positive work culture, Rob’s talks are tailored to engage, inspire, and motivate audiences to embrace wellbeing.

What sets Rob apart is his ability to balance humour with extreme vulnerability, attracting large companies such as the London Stock Exchange, MoneySuperMarket, Lloyds Bank, and Heathrow Airport. Whether it’s an international conference, corporate event, or staff training day, Rob’s powerful message and authentic delivery leave a lasting impression on every stage he graces.

Rob’s journey from a macho culture where he felt he couldn’t speak about his mental health struggles to becoming a passionate advocate for open communication and mental wellbeing, showcases his commitment to changing employer cultures and creating safe spaces for their staff. As a qualified mental health first aider and captivating storyteller, Rob emphasizes that everyone has mental health that needs to be looked after.

Join Rob Hosking on his inspiring journey as he translates his experiences and lessons into invaluable insights for others, promoting a global movement for happier workplaces and better mental wellbeing.

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Speech Topics

Rob’s speech topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Stress Management
  • Creating a thriving culture
  • Workplace Wellbeing
  • Resilience
  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Leadership
  • Male Mental Health
  • Teamwork
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"Rob was an absolute delight to deal with. He was able to take his personal experience and relate that to our audience. Rob was also able to adapt his presentation to the requirements of our business, helping focus on certain areas which was extremely accommodating. Rob captivated our audience, giving valuable lessons for both personal and professional life. Feedback has been incredibly positive, and I would not hesitate to hire Rob again."

PQA Academy

"Welcoming Rob to Havering was a delightful experience. Recently, we collaborated with Rob to host a talk as part of our Men’s forum. The talk was inclusive for all staff within the organisation, and it's safe to say that everyone who attended was equally impressed by Rob's fantastic presentation. Rob has a remarkable talent for sharing his personal experiences openly and respectfully. Prior to the talk, after discussing my goals with Rob, I can confidently say that he successfully encouraged staff to be observant of signs indicating someone is struggling and to ask about their wellbeing. Meeting Rob and hosting the talk was a genuine pleasure, and I look forward to the possibility of our paths crossing again in the future."

London Borough of Havering

"I had the pleasure of listening to Rob one morning at the LSE. I didn't know was going to be speaking and it was a pleasant surprise. His talk stood out from the rest and was the kind of cognitive diversity that Matthew Syed talks about. I have a good friend who's in the force. We rarely talk about work and Rob's stories reminded me of the brilliant work our police do and their utmost resilience in the face of daily challenges and adversity. In order to perform well, you need to take care of yourself. Get Rob in to talk about T.R.U.S.T."

London Stock Exchange

"Rob was fantastic – speaking with such authenticity and charisma, you could hear a pin drop during Rob’s speech. Rob finds a unique balance of humour, depth and rawness in his speaking which lands brilliantly for an audience, delving into tricky topics in an accessible manner. Rob is honest and down-to-earth and this comes through when he speaks. We have had a huge amount of feedback on how great Rob’s speech was and many have taken away huge lessons, so thank you to Rob for helping shift the dial on the important issue of men’s mental health."

Heathrow’s Altitude network

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