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Louis Rowley

Louis Rowley was a premiership footballer playing for Manchester United and Leicester City only to give it all up to become an accountant at the age of 21. His compelling story is inspiring and a real eye opener. He is a truly outstanding speaker and is a perfect choice for all types of business and corporate audiences.


About Louis Rowley

Louis Rowley spent three years at Man United FC in the under-18 and under-21 squads. He then transferred to Leicester City FC on a professional contract for one year. Halfway through the year, he realised he missed the intellectual stimulation of studying so he contacted the PFA to find out about additional study opportunities. It was agreed that accountancy, tax and finance seemed to be the middle ground between football and maths.


Louise Rowley says, ““I have a passion for life, for inspiring others to never give up on their dreams, because the things you dream of are never inaccessible. I see my dreams come to fruition each day because of my ethos and I will invest as much of myself as I can into encouraging others to do so.”

Louis Rowley has already packed a substantial amount under his belt for a 22 year old. He spent three years aged 16 – 19 at Manchester United FC in the Under 18 and Under 21 squads.  Whilst his team mates were enjoying the kudos of being a premiership footballer, Louis continued his studies obtaining a grade A in addition to a double award Business Diploma.

After spending a few days at an array of firms he thought he was going crazy when he found himself saying “I prefer this environment to football”. With six months left on his Leicester City contract he realised he had a major decision to make.

This led to all sorts of mental anguish for Louis and it wasn’t until the very end of that period of time he made up his mind. The defining moment was when he asked himself “when you look back on your life in years to come, what decisions are you going to be proud of?”.

Louis Rowley left Leicester City and took time out to travel the world which only further reinforced his decision.

In May 2016 he began his new career. He continues to study to complete all the necessary accountancy exams. “I can honestly say with my hand on my heart I have never once doubted the decision I’ve made and I hope to inspire others that there is a life outside of professional sport”.

In the last 2 years, he has travelled the globe, is a trustee of a charity in Birmingham and manages his own clients.

What he has achieved by the age of 22 is not down to luck or skill but by having the relentless work ethic and the mindset to work as hard as necessary, pushing his mental and physical boundaries and never giving up regardless of what the situation may look like. Whilst learning to embrace every challenge and every mistake of this journey.

Speech Topics
  • My Journey
  • Transition
  • Dealing with Expectation
  • Deviating from the norm/Going against the grain
  • Mental health in Sport
  • Failure or Opportunity
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