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Christer Holloman

Christer Holloman is a leading voice in the digital transformation and fintech sector, renowned for his innovative approach to revolutionising traditional financial services. As the CEO and co-founder of Divido, a leading UK fintech startup, Holloman has demonstrated exceptional acumen in leveraging technology to offer competitive advantages to SMEs and consumers, challenging the dominance of big banks. This groundbreaking work has not only earned the support of the UK government but also earned Divido a spot among Google's top ten European startups.


About Christer Holloman

Holloman’s influence extends far beyond the boardroom. Named “One of London’s Most Influential Individuals Within New Media” by The Evening Standard, his insights into the digital landscape are highly sought after. A prolific writer, Holloman contributes to esteemed publications such as The Guardian, Sky News, and GQ, sharing his expertise on how businesses can harness new technologies for growth. He is also the voice behind bestselling The Social Media MBA series, which explores the intersection of social media and business innovation.

Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Holloman showcased his talent for digital product development as the Head of Digital Product Development at The Times and The Sunday Times. Here, he was responsible for launching award-winning apps and pioneering new digital revenue streams, setting a high standard for digital excellence in the media industry.

Holloman’s recent ventures include launching in Europe, a $1 billion start-up backed by Expedia founder Rich Barton.

His latest publication, “How to Sell Online: The experts’ guide to making your business more successful and profitable online,” is a testament to his deep understanding of e-commerce and digital marketing. The book, translated into multiple languages, offers practical, hands-on advice for businesses aiming to thrive in the online marketplace.

What sets Holloman apart as a speaker is his real-world experience and success in applying technology trends to achieve business goals. His presentations are not only theoretical explorations but are filled with actionable insights derived from his extensive consulting work with major businesses and startups. Attendees at his talks, which have included prestigious clients like Oracle, Accenture, and Ogilvy, are not only informed about the latest in technology but are also inspired to apply these insights to foster growth and innovation within their own organisations.

Holloman’s background, marked by an MBA from the University of Oxford and his role as chairman of First Tuesday, the UK’s largest network for high-growth technology companies and investors, positions him uniquely at the intersection of academia, technology, and entrepreneurship. His engaging presentations, tailored to each audience, journey through the best business uses of new technologies, emerging trends, and real-life case studies, ensuring that every attendee leaves with a renewed sense of possibility for the future.

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Speech Topics

Chirster’s speech topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The End of the Digital Beginning
  • Social Media
  • Innovation
  • New Technologies
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • Big Data
  • The Key Technology Trends That Will Change The Way You Do Business
  • How To Innovate Within An Organisation
  • The Future Of Online Retailing

Here you can find links to books by Christer Holloman. For bulk book orders for your event please speak with a member of the team.

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