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Andy Price

Andy Price transitioned from experiencing the brutalities of war to battling Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) after a career-ending breakdown in 2017. Today, he's a vocal advocate for mental health within the veteran community, sharing his journey from conflict to coping with a life-changing mental illness, raising awareness and support for this critical issue through his candid and insightful talks.


About Andy Price

Andy Price’s journey is both compelling and enlightening, transitioning from a soldier and private military contractor to a mental health advocate. His service in the Middle East and North Africa for over a decade came to a pivotal end in 2017 following a diagnosis of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD), which effectively ended his military career.

Confronted with years of self-medication, self-harm, and constant suicidal thoughts, Andy has emerged as a powerful voice for mental health, especially within the veteran community. At a time when the demand for mental health support is at an all-time high and the number of individuals taking their own lives continues to increase, Andy advocates for positive mental health and aims to break the silence on this often-taboo subject.

As a Mental Health Speaker, Andy shares his journey candidly—ranging from his early years involving petty crime and drug use to his military career, where he witnessed the sheer brutalities of war. This ultimately led him to the private military sector, culminating in his battle with mental health. His presentations offer a raw, sometimes humorous, look into the life of someone whose career was built around conflict, its aftermath, and the reality of living with a life-changing mental health condition. Andy’s story is not just his own but serves as a beacon of hope and understanding for many facing similar struggles.

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Speech Topics
  • Setbacks/adversity
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Resilience
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"Andrew Price came into Weymouth college last week to provide us with a talk about mental health. I have to say it was one of the best talks I have attended and very factual and informative. I really enjoyed listening to Andrew’s stories and what he had been through. He was very confident with speaking in front of everyone which was great and he came across as a very lovely guy!"


A few people who attended the event felt that your talk although incredibly hard hitting in some places was very much from the heart it had so much honesty within the words. Also, a lot of what happened to you was parallel in many ways to business in that even when the worst happens you cannot dwell on things you must move forward. The fact that it wasn’t until you hit rock bottom that you could then use those experiences to then help other people in the same position, I think resonated with a lot of us who have the same sort of barriers in business. As it was myself and some of the others were really interested in what you had to say and that you were so calm and so coherent and the talk was also structured chronologically thus making it very easy to follow. We would recommend anyone to have you speak to groups of any age really as your story will relate to so many. Military background or not.


Chamber of Commerce Event

"I thoroughly enjoyed Andrew Price talk about mental health and veterans at Weymouth college, he was so honest and Informative and I learned a lot from his talk. Thank you very much for coming to talk to our class."

"Amazing, brave & essential! So impressed with the honesty and truth. It takes real courage to have got through so much and now put yourself forward to help others."

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