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Andrew McNeill

Andrew McNeill is a highly experienced leader and consultant, with over 20 years of experience in senior leadership positions. He has worked in high-pressure environments, leading large teams towards success. Throughout his career, he has developed an expertise in empathic leadership, leading under pressure, preventing burnout, building psychological safety, and leading with kindness. These topics are central to his work as a keynote speaker, and he has a wealth of knowledge to share with corporate audiences.


About Andrew McNeill

In addition to his leadership experience, Andrew is also an accredited mindfulness teacher. He has successfully integrated his expertise in leadership with insights from mindfulness to develop a unique method to help leaders and their teams embed and implement techniques that can improve performance, build psychological safety, and support collective wellbeing.

Andrew McNeill’s groundbreaking book, “Organisational Mindfulness – a How-to Guide,” was published in 2019 and has sold in four continents. Andrew has gained global recognition for his work, and his techniques have been successfully implemented by teams and leaders worldwide.

Andrew is also the co-founder of LXLeaders, a company that helps teams connect better and listen to each other. He specialises in working with teams and leaders, helping them thrive through the challenges and opportunities of leadership. His techniques have assisted teams and individuals in navigating real-life challenges and communicating with honesty and kindness.

As a keynote speaker, Andrew McNeill brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the corporate world. He is passionate about helping organisations develop better leadership practices, building psychological safety, and creating kinder and more supportive workplace environments. His speeches are designed to inspire and motivate audiences while providing practical insights that can be applied to their own workplaces. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker who can help your team improve their performance, build better relationships, and create a positive culture, Andrew McNeill is an excellent choice.

Speech Topics

Empathetic Leadership

Andrew believes in the need for leadership to be more fully human and uninhibited.  In this talk, Andrew explains what ethical leadership is and why it is so urgently needed now, especially with the multiple pressures we currently face.  Andrew will discuss how attitudes such as being non-judgmental and showing kindness are essential to modern day leadership.

  • Why leadership is so urgently needed now and what a leader needs to be effective today.
  • How leaders can create the space they need to see if what they’re doing is right for them
  • Andrew will share examples of empathetic leadership and the benefits it brings.

Thriving under Pressure

Andrew has faced numerous high intensity leadership situations, from heading up the UK Government’s assurance of the Olympic and Paralympic torches for London 2012 to being a Director on the Building Safety Programme immediately after the Grenfell Fire tragedy. Here Andrew talks about his own personal journey with pressure. What worked and what didn’t.

In this honest account, Andrew shares numerous suggestions that could make a significant difference to the way you lead and outlines ways that will help you thrive under pressure including:

  • Advancing the way you thrive under pressure.
  • From his own experience Andrew will provide life hacks to help you navigate the challenges of leadership.
  • Andrew will share his own special techniques which will help you and your team thrive

What’s Kindness got to do with it?

Andrew compares some of the traditional archetypes of leadership with the evidence base of what is needed in today’s organisations. He refers to studies made about the value of kindness in the workplace and how it can help your organisation succeed.  In this interesting talk Andrew will discuss

  • Why kindness is not for the faint-hearted
  • The difference it will make for your team and the workplace
  • How kindness will lead to success

Finding our Phoenix – Preventing and Recovering from Burnout

Eleven years ago Andrew realised he was burnt out. He had to step back from work to find techniques that enabled him to move from being overwhelmed, to being able to thrive in high pressure environments. In this talk, Andrew shares his experience of being introduced to mindfulness and other strategies, why he was very sceptical in the beginning and how they have helped transform his life, his leadership and his career.

This talk will give you:

  • Interesting neuro-scientific findings and insights
  • An introduction to mindfulness
  • Tools to help you integrate these into your life


Psychological Safety – Why it Matters to You and Your Team

When employees feel comfortable asking for help, sharing suggestions informally or challenging the status quo without fear, organizations are more likely to innovate quickly, unlock the benefits of diversity and adapt well to change! In this engaging keynote, Andrew uses evidence based examples to give leaders reasons to want this transformative team mindset!

  • Andrew will share powerful examples of how psychological safety can avert risks to your business and enable opportunities to be grabbed!
  • The key indicators that show whether the workplace is psychologically safe or not.
  • He will explain the impact it has on team culture and how it can enable teams to thrive.
  • Andrew will give practical tips on how to achieve psychological safety.

Practice Workplace Mindfulness

Andrew talks about the practical application of mindfulness for people in today’s workplace. He explains how this down to earth toolkit of techniques can help you manage stress, improve your communication skills and support  your decision making.

Andrew was never interested in mindfulness until he needed something that would help him cope with the effects of working in an extremely high pressured environment. He approached it with deep scepticism but found these well established evidence based methods worked in the modern workplace. It vastly improved his wellbeing and delivered a step change in his performance; which is why he studied to become a mindfulness teacher and now introduces teams and individuals to these life changing, team transforming skills: in practical, down to earth ways.

From this talk you will take away:

  • Techniques to help you perform in high stress moments
  • Ideas to help you communicate more effectively
  • Ways to give you more choice in your decision making
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"It was a pleasure to have him in our programme."

"Andrew was very flexible with all the logistic and briefing preparation, and so nice and kind with our participants. Overall, it was a success."

"It was a very lovely keynote, inspiring and easy going. Some of them really appreciated the opportunity to have mindfulness practices as a part of the keynote and were able to relax and calm themselves."


Andrew McNeill News

Feb 15, 2024

Empathic Leadership

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