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corporate mental health speakers and their benefits

Six reasons to book a mental health speaker for your corporate team

Mental health and wellbeing are key ingredients for productivity and happiness within the workplace. Employers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their employee’s mental health.  Everyone’s ability to perform well, deal with pressure and be happy in our line of work is of paramount importance to companies and to individuals themselves.

Well-known people including HRH Prince William and Harry, Duke of Sussex, have bravely spoken out on the subject of mental health, alongside many leading sports stars, business leaders and celebrities.

The Speakers Agency has carefully selected a number of impressive corporate mental health speakers who will speak honestly and openly on the topic of mental health to audiences large and small.  They speak at corporate events, functions, conferences and seminars, highlighting the importance of speaking about, addressing and getting help for mental health issues.

Below are six key reasons to book a corporate mental health speaker for your team:

  1. Reduce workplace absences

Over 12% of all workplace absences are due to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Mental health speakers can offer guidance to employees on how best to look after their emotional wellbeing and create an effective work-life balance. Hearing these tips can prompt employees to make positive changes in their lives and create an open dialogue with employers.

Overall, this can reduce workplace absences and, by extension, increase productivity.

  1. Improve Presenteeism

In addition to decreasing absences, mental health speakers can also increase presenteeism in corporate workplaces. Presenteeism is a term that refers to how ‘present’ an employee is, not only physically but mentally too.

Corporate Mental health speakers can teach audiences how to manage their time well, ensuring regular breaks are taken to avoid burnout and increase focus levels overall.

  1. Reduce Employee Turnover

A survey by Harvard Business Review found that 75% of Gen-Z had left a position due to mental health issues. It is estimated that Gen-Z will make up 27% of the global workforce by 2025, so it is clear that a call to action is required.

A high staff turnover doesn’t come without costs, and both the expenses and administration involved with frequent turnover and recruitment processes is something that mental health speakers can help corporate organisations to avoid.

Having mental health speakers host talks, presentations and workshops to your employees is one of the most effective ways of delivering a clear message of support and solidarity to your team.

And as individuals are being more encouraged to prioritise their emotional wellbeing, it is in a business’s interest to do the same, or risk losing valuable team members.

  1. Challenge the Stigma

While it is undoubtable that awareness about mental health issues has increased tremendously comparative to a few years ago, there is still a huge amount of work to be done on reducing the stigma attached to this topic.

Despite mental health issues being one of the biggest causes of employee sick days, almost half of employees have admitted to creating an alibi reason for their absence. This is reflective of the fact that unfortunately mental health issues continue to be stigmatised, and that employers are being encouraged to play an active role in creating safe spaces for their employees to address any issues they might be facing. They can also help them to make proactive changes to reduce the likelihood of mental health issues arising in future.

  1. Increase your company reputation as one who cares

Companies who make mental health services accessible and provide resources to help mental health issues make a real difference to the wellbeing of their employees.

Inviting a corporate mental health speaker to address your employees is one way of ensuring that your team know that you care about mental health. They deliver tailored advice to your team, from senior figures to junior staff. Not only will this make clear your company’s dedication to your existing employees, but it is also a highly attractive selling point for prospective employees too.

  1. Helping Increase Turnover

All of the reasons listed above ultimately equate to businesses driving their profits.

Decreased employee absences equate to improved presenteeism, which equates to better productivity, which in turn equates to a workforce that operate together to create a more profitable organisation.

Most employers now recognise that employee wellbeing is the secret ingredient to a sustainable, lucrative and most importantly happy workplace. Our mental health speakers can prove to you and your employees exactly that!

Simply contact The Speakers Agency to get you and your team the help that you need.

Corporate Mental Health Speakers

Clarke Carlisle

Former professional football and Mental Health champion

Dr Maryhan Baker

World-renowned parenting expert and psychologist

Poorna Bell

Award-winning journalist, author, and influencer

Katie Piper

Broadcaster, author and philanthropist

Clive Branson

Former member of the Royal Air Force and Inspirational mental health advocate

Alain de Botton

Philosopher and bestselling author

Kerry Daynes

TV's most recognised Forensic Psychologist, known for her appearances on Faking It

Owen O’Kane

Psychotherapist and Sunday Times best-selling author of Ten To Zen

Zana Busby

Psychologist, coach and author

Colin Jackson CBE

Multiple Gold Medallist and World Record Holder Olympic Hurdler

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