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How to choose the right mental health speaker for your event

When you are organising a mental health event and have been allocated the task of choosing a mental health speaker, the responsibility can feel pretty huge. After all, there will be high expectations from your audience, be those employees or external attendees. You know they will want to leave your event feeling educated and inspired. The Speakers Agency understands that you want to feel like the money you have spent and the time that attendees have given up to attend has been well worth it. So, we’ve prepared a short guide on how to ensure that you are choosing the right person for the event you’re holding.

Consider the following questions and you will be well on your way to finding the perfect mental health speaker!


‘Have you prepared a detailed brief?’

The first thing to consider is whether or not you have collated all of the details possible about your event. This includes things like venue and budget, details which are highly likely to affect which speakers are suitable. A mental health speaker might deliver very differently in a corporate setting than at an awards ceremony, for example, so it’s important to have these details sorted!


‘Explain to us the purpose of your event’

This question is hugely important for any event, especially when selecting a mental health speaker since all speakers tackle different subject matter and issues.

Some mental health speakers talk quite proactively, giving audiences tips on how to adopt a healthy mindset and work-life balance and reduce the chances of confronting mental health issues in the future. Others will offer speeches more focused on how best to cope and seek help for people who are already struggling. Some speakers will do both!

Equally, you need to consider the purpose of your event not only in terms of what you want the content to cover but also what role you want your audience to play. The Speakers Agency offer a huge array of mental health speakers, some of whom work quite interactively, conducting workshops and requiring audience participation. Other speakers like to deliver more personalised keynotes, speeches which recount to the audience their own personal experiences of mental health.

Considering the purpose of your event in terms of how you want your audience to feel and what role you want them to play is vital when choosing the right speaker for your event!


‘Who will be the most engaging speaker for your audience?’

Outstanding mental health speakers adapt to their audiences, and we are confident that all of our speakers will uplift and resonate with audiences of any age and demographic!

However, there are some speakers whose talks and experiences will strike tremendous chords with certain audiences specifically. It doesn’t mean that one speaker is better than another, but it does mean that there are speakers who might be a better fit.


‘What might be the long-term benefits of specific speakers?’

Today, most companies book mental health speakers not just as a fleeting tick-box corporate exercise. So, we understand that when you host a mental health event, it should reflect a genuine desire to want to promote positivity and change.

Many mental health speakers have incredible ongoing projects that they invest time and energy into to create lasting change. Many have written books about mental health and wellbeing that you could promote among your employees and reflect on together afterwards. Some speakers are willing to sign pre-orders too if you wish to offer them at your event.

Many of our clients book speakers to deliver a speech or deliver a workshop or both. Once your audience has heard a mental health speaker deliver their speech and/or workshop, our clients find their employees are much more inclined to engage with each other and their work on many levels.

Hiring a mental health speaker is a great way of promoting long-lasting change and shows genuine support to anyone suffering with any type of mental health issues.

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