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World Menopause Day

Book a Menopause Speaker for World Menopause Day 2023

World Menopause Day, celebrated every year on the 18th October, is a day dedicated to raising awareness about the menopause and the support options available for improving health and wellbeing. This year, in 2023, the importance of this day is more significant than ever. It’s time for companies to acknowledge and address the impact of menopause on their workforce.

Menopause is not just a personal issue; it’s a workplace issue. It affects millions of women worldwide, many of whom are part of the global workforce. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 1.2 billion women worldwide will be menopausal or post-menopausal by 2030.

Menopause can have a profound impact on women’s work and personal lives. Symptoms such as hot flushes, mood swings, and sleep disturbances can affect concentration, confidence, and performance at work.

According to a study by the British Menopause Society, nearly half of all women going through menopause said it had a negative impact on their job. Furthermore, 10% of women actually quit their jobs as a result of their symptoms.

So what can companies do to help?

One effective way to address this issue is by booking a speaker to discuss menopause openly. This could be a medical professional who can provide accurate information and advice or a well-known figure who can share personal experiences and promote discussion.

Having a speaker can help dispel myths, reduce stigma, and foster a supportive work environment. It can also equip managers and colleagues with the knowledge they need to support employees going through menopause.

Here are some of our favourite Menopause Speakers:

Sarah Davies is the founder of Talking Menopause, an organisation which was launched in 2017 to build menopause awareness, education and support at work to women and men across a broad range of organisations. She is passionate about making a difference to people’s lives by breaking down the stigma that comes with the word ‘Menopause.’

Ateh Jewel, as well as being an advocate for greater diversity in beauty, is a passionate speaker on Menopause and shifting taboos surrounding this subject. She discusses the many varied symptoms of Menopause, how best to manage these and how we can learn to see the Menopause as something to embrace, not fear.

Kaye Adams

Kaye Adams is a radio and television presenter, veteran Loose Women panellist on ITV and co-author of ‘Still Hot,’ which features the experiences of 42 women’s own menopause experiences. She also collaborates with Dr Shahzadi Harper to discuss how menopause impacts our lives and those of the people we live with or work with and, importantly, what we can do to support ourselves and those around us.

Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon is one of the nation’s best loved radio and ‘TV’ presenters. She is also one of the UK’s most successful models of recent years. Lisa is the co-host of the podcast ‘Menopause Madness’ in which she chats to guests and allows women to explore their menopause experience openly – free from judgment or embarrassment.

Dr Shahzadi Harper

Dr Harper is an inspiring forward thinking menopause and perimenopause doctor who always thinks of the needs of each woman individually. She is Author of The Perimenopause Solution & Founder of The Harper Clinic in Harley Street, London.

Elizabeth Joseph

Elizabeth has written extensively on menopause and midlife in her columns ‘Women of a Certain Rage’, ‘Second Act’ and ‘The Menopause Guinea Pig.’ Believing that women should embrace the second stage of their lives, Elizabeth speaks openly on topics such as Menopause, Midlife and Women’s Health and Wellbeing.

Dr Nighat Arif

Dr Nighat Arif is a family GP who specialises in women’s health and family planning. As an expert on everything ranging from the menopause to psychiatry, Dr Nighat is a regular contributor to radio, media and many acclaimed magazines. She has also featured on Dr Louise Newson ‘menopausedoctor’ podcast.

Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore is an award-winning leadership coach, author, speaker and educator who has been voted as one of the UK’s 50 Most ‘Influential Women in Sport’. She is available for speaking engagements on the topics of Menopause, Resilience, the Realities for women (and how to find your joy!).

Liz Earle MBE is a businesswoman and champion of women’s health whose name is eponymous with one of the world’s leading skincare brands. Further to this, she is a speaker, media influencer, author of 36 books, TV presenter, podcast host and charity-founder. Liz has dedicated her career to helping women celebrate every stage of their lives – especially that all-important second half.

Dr Anita Mitra is an NHS doctor specialising in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, as well as an accomplished speaker and author on the topic of Women’s Health. With a huge online presence where she appears as ‘The Gynae Geek’, Dr Anita has been described as ‘a trusted source of knowledge in an era of self-proclaimed gurus & internet-experts’.

Sonia Beldom is a TV creative and Communications coach & Mental Health expert by trade, but she is also a fantastic speaker on the Menopause, delivering a speech called ‘Menopause – the good, the bad and the hilariously ugly.’ Sonia offers a personal insight into what it’s like living with the Menopause, including symptoms such as night sweats and brain fog. The upside of her Menopausal experience was that she became very creative and devised a coaching programme called “Re-firement for Older Women” which helped women approaching and entering retirement to find their focus.  Sonia can also offer insights into what it’s like living with someone with the Menopause, drawing on her experiences with her Mother, whom she lived with for many years and made famous in her blog, ‘Sonia’s Mum.’

Toyah Willcox is the pop icon who has had a career spanning over 43 years. Toyah has had 15 top 40 singles, recorded 29 studio albums, appeared in over 40 stage plays and made 25 feature films. She discusses her experiences of the Menopause, how she managed to sustain her career throughout and how she believes that reinventing yourself is the key to survival.

For more information on booking a Menopause Speaker for your team, call The Speakers Agency on +44(0)1332 810481 or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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