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World Menopause Day 2022

Book a Menopause Speaker for World Menopause Day 2022

The Menopause.  A word which used to raise tuts frowns and derogatory comments.  Women didn’t speak about it in public as no one was interested. But, astonishingly, it affects most women in some way, at some point in their life and this affects their personal and work life.  Some women start way early in their 30s, while others are affected much later in life so in their 50s. Some sail through it and others suffer badly.

I’m the founder and managing director of The Speakers Agency, and I have spent the past 21 years creating and running two businesses despite being mired in a mist of excruciating hot flushes on a regular basis.  I didn’t let it stop me, but I found it desperately hard at times. Also, because no one spoke about it I didn’t realise that the whole plethora of other horrid symptoms I was encountering were directly connected to it. So, I have literally suffered in silence.   I have been prescribed HRT for the whole time but I’m now on such a low dosage of HRT I am having hot flushes or flashes as the Americans call it. In fact, I am having one as I write this blog.

There is no denying it is still a complicated and difficult subject.  Both Peri Menopause and menopause symptoms are not uniform meaning women are affected in different ways but thankfully now that the subject is out there and receiving much coverage, there is a better acceptance understanding about it. And thankfully companies and organisations are keen to learn more.

Impressively the audiences are not only for women as male colleagues are keen to understand too.

Much thanks must go to Davina McCall who finally managed to raise the attention of the nation with a superb documentary on the subject.  As a result, everyone is finally paying attention to the effect menopause has primarily on women.  Indeed, many are happy to have an open dialogue with colleagues in the workplace which helps avoid the knock-on effect it may have on their work.  Understanding and tolerance of someone taking a few minutes out to see through a hot flush or open a window for a few minutes

Furthermore, there is a huge demand for Menopause Speakers.  So should you require a Menopause speaker for your October event or indeed for any other internal or external event The Speakers Agency has an eclectic list, and they include the following:

Kaye Adams

Kaye Adams is a radio and television presenter, veteran Loose Women panellist on ITV and co-author of ‘Still Hot,’ which features the experiences of 42 women’s own menopause experiences. She also collaborates with Dr Shahzadi Harper to discuss how menopause impacts our lives and those of the people we live with or work with and, importantly, what we can do to support ourselves and those around us.

Lisa Snowdon

Lisa Snowdon is one of the nation’s best loved radio and ‘TV’ presenters. She is also one of the UK’s most successful models of recent years. Lisa is the co-host of the podcast ‘Menopause Madness’ in which she chats to guests and allows women to explore their menopause experience openly – free from judgment or embarrassment.

Dr Nighat Arif

Dr Nighat Arif is a family GP who specialises in women’s health and family planning. As an expert on everything ranging from the menopause to psychiatry, Dr Nighat is a regular contributor to radio, media and many acclaimed magazines. She has also featured on Dr Louise Newson ‘menopausedoctor’ podcast.

Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore is an award-winning leadership coach, author, speaker and educator who has been voted as one of the UK’s 50 Most ‘Influential Women in Sport’. She is available for speaking engagements on the topics of Menopause, Resilience, the Realities for women (and how to find your joy!).

For more information on booking a Menopause Speaker for your team, call The Speakers Agency on +44(0)1332 810481 or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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