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Why hire an awards host for your ceremony

The Benefits of Hiring an Awards Host for your Ceremony

An awards host is responsible for doing much more than just announcing winners either during or after dinner. An engaging host can easily elevate an evening from being routine and boring to exciting and fun.

Award ceremonies often last three to four hours and can encompass many elements. Most events will include entertainment, dinner, and the award presentations, so having an engaging and experienced host who can help keep the program flowing smoothly is key to a successful event.

Some elements require a first-class journalist or host to ensure the smooth running and ensure the process runs to schedule. Others want the addition of entertainment or comedy to be integrated.

The Speakers Agency work with many organisations who return again and again because they know they can rely on us to ensure their ceremonies flow seamlessly.

Some of the main benefits to booking a host:

  1. Keep your event running smoothly

There can be many components to an awards night. Sometimes they can be a straightforward meal and awards presentation. Other times they can include many elements such as, entertainment, speeches, and/or a charity auction. In view of this, it can be extremely valuable to have a professional to hand to ensure that all elements are pulled together smoothly and in a timely fashion.

Also, controlling the room is a huge skill. You could have a rowdy audience with drinks flowing and excitement levels at a high leading up to the awards. Or alternatively, an audience that has started to switch off and lose interest.  The right host for your audience is key, and their professional ability to hold a room will make a huge difference to your evening.

  1. Provide entertainment

This all depends on your event, what type of awards there are and the type of host you have in mind.  They all provide different levels of entertainment.

You may want a comedian who will weave in jokes throughout the night and could replace the need for additional entertainment. Or, you may opt for a more corporate style of host such as a news broadcaster and book an entertainment set separately. However you choose to structure your event, with a detailed brief we can suggest and supply some of the most popular awards host available to suit your specific requirements.

  1. Create a buzz

The right celebrity face certainly helps you draw in the crowds to your event. Awards ceremonies can incorporate opportunities where guests can not only see their favourite TV personalities but some will even agree to a meet and greet session included in their fee.

  1. Support a charity auction

Awards nights also often include charity auctions or games. The right host can help you raise way more cash for a good cause than relying on an in-house member of staff.


Some of our incredible awards hosts include:

Wynne Evans

Wynne Evans is instantly recognisable to millions for the TV advertising campaigns which have made him a household name as the spoof opera star Gio Compario.  He is also one of the UK’s most exciting tenors with over 25 years’ experience trained opera singer. Furthermore, Wynne is also a highly entertaining after dinner speaker, outstanding host and auctioneer and a talented Master of Ceremonies.  His most popular speech is called “Beyond Compere”.

Jo Brand

Jo Brand is instantly recognisable as an outrageously funny comedienne, TV personality and author. She is also a fantastic host and cabaret artist for corporate events. Jo’s sharp wit, combined with her deadpan delivery makes her an idea choice for awards hosting and more.

Sir Lenny Henry CBE

Sir Lenny Henry, comedian, presenter, writer, producer and one of the founding members of ‘Comic Relief’. His personality is as big as his heart, with a genuine ability to make people at ease around him which makes him an excellent speaker or host for your next event.

Helen Fospero

Former US correspondent for GMTV, Helen Fospero was a regular presenter on ITV’s Daybreak and Lorraine. An accomplished event host, she has a wealth of experience in the corporate sector.

Other options include:


You can also see more of our awards hosts here, or email us on or call us on +44 (0) 1332 810481 . A member of the team will be on hand to discuss options and provide advice.

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