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We were delighted to have had the opportunity to be present at the recent TEDxStormont Women event that was held in Belfast on November 2nd, 2017. There was such a diverse range of proficient and entertaining speakers, each with their own story to tell in the true TED fashion. Maxine Mawhinney, Ana Matronic, Lyra McKee and Naomh McElhatton are all available to book via The Speakers Agency. Their talks are featured below…

Ana Matronic – Living The Electric Dream

Lifelong science fiction enthusiast Ana Matronic explains how her fascination with robots and artificial intelligence led her to recognize the biological imperative facing humanity.

Maxine Mawhinney – From Here to There

When life gives you opportunities but also throws up obstacles how do you succeed as a woman? Who will help you cross your bridges and then who will you help?

Naomh McElhatton – Virtually Connected Socially Disconnected?

With the ever-evolving role of digital technology we are losing real life experiences. Real human relationships are being jeopardised at the mercy of our smart devices. Can we save ourselves from total isolation and wake up to smell the freshly brewed coffee?

Lyra McKee – In Memory Of

The fight for LGBT equality is a fight for hearts and minds. Lyra McKee argues that changing religious teaching on LGBT people will literally save lives.

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