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Tommy Walsh

Tommy Walsh is a name that has become synonymous with the world of DIY. As one of the UK's most famous builders, he has established himself as a well-respected TV personality, event host and DIY speaker. With his instantly recognisable face and boundless energy, Tommy has become a household name thanks to his numerous DIY television shows. Perhaps best known for his work on 'Ground Force' and 'Challenge Tommy Walsh', he has a talent for making even the most complicated DIY tasks seem simple and accessible.


About Tommy Walsh

In addition to his television work and writing, Tommy is also an accomplished speaker and event host. Whether he is sharing his DIY expertise, hosting awards ceremonies or entertaining guests at corporate events, he is a charismatic and engaging presence who is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.


It wasn’t always fame and fortune for Tommy. He began his career in the building trade as an apprentice bricklayer, working his way up through the ranks until he eventually established his own construction company. It was during this time that he caught the eye of the executive producer of ‘Ground Force’, who invited him for a screen test and ultimately launched his television career.

Since then, Tommy has gone from strength to strength, hosting numerous DIY shows for the BBC and Discovery. He has also published several DIY project books, including the best-selling ‘DIY Survival’. His latest book, ‘My Greg’, published in 2017 by Penguin, offers a candid and moving account of his life and career.

With over 30 years in the building trade and countless successful DIY projects under his belt, Tommy is uniquely qualified to share his insights and expertise with audiences. His appeal goes far beyond his technical skills and knowledge. He is a warm and approachable personality who knows how to connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Whether he is demonstrating a DIY technique, sharing a humorous anecdote or simply chatting with guests, Tommy Walsh has a knack for making everyone feel at ease and engaged.

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