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Tobias Lynes

Tobias Lynes stands as a prominent authority in guiding individuals towards sustainable body fat loss, increased energy, improved nutrition, and heightened body confidence through the transformative power of habits.


About Tobias Lynes

Tobias Lynes is not just a fitness coach; he is a fervent advocate for habit transformation, empowering individuals to sustain their wellness journeys. His keynote speeches are clear: sustainable health and fitness are accessible to everyone, regardless of their busy schedules, through small, manageable changes that make a big difference over time.

Tobias stands out in the health and fitness industry by challenging the prevailing ‘all or nothing’ mindset, acknowledging the disconnect many experience with mainstream fitness ideals that don’t fit their busy lives. In a world where fitness regimes often cater to athletes and enthusiasts, creating unrealistic benchmarks for those balancing careers and families, Tobias offers a refreshing perspective.

Understanding the gap in the industry’s approach to realistic lifestyle integration, Tobias positions himself as an educator, dedicated to guiding individuals in incorporating healthy habits into their daily routines without overwhelming commitments. He emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices over transient, intense regimens, focusing on long-term behavioural change rather than temporary gains.

Leveraging the Tiny Habits® method since 2015, Tobias has evolved from a personal trainer to the successful online coach and owner of 360Coaching. His approach has transformed the lives of hundreds, proving to sceptics that lasting health and fitness outcomes are achievable with the right strategy.

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Speech Topics
  • Improved energy

Tobias gives us unique insights and learnable techniques regarding improved and sustained energy.

  • Human behaviour

Tobias elaborates on human behaviours and how if learnt correctly, can be moulded into positive attributes.

  • Habits

The cornerstone of Tobias’s approach is the Tiny Habits® method, a proven strategy to help individuals build and sustain habits aligned with their aspirations.

  • Continued and sustainable progress

The prevailing issue in the fitness industry, as Tobias sees it, is the assumption that these busy individuals can seamlessly adopt the rigorous routines of fitness influencers and passionate coaches. This unrealistic expectation is where the industry falls short, stalling peoples progress. Tobias addresses these issues and educates us past them.

  • Health and wellbeing

Tobias stands as a prominent authority in guiding individuals towards sustainable body fat loss, increased energy, improved nutrition, and heightened body confidence through the transformative power of habits. Work life balance

Addressing the unrealistic expectations social media impresses upon us, Tobias offers habitual techniques, giving us a better work/life balance.

  • Nutrition

Through education and lived experiences, Tobias is able to advise on what a healthy nutritional diet can look like for all individuals.

  • Misconceptions

Tobias dissects what social media shows us, and what real life actually looks like in relation to health and fitness. He then educates us on how to maintain it.

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