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Rich Whincup

Rich Whincup had a very challenging childhood and was born with a chronic stammer which left him almost unable to speak until he was 19. Rich's life was turned round when he started University and learnt about the McGuire Technique which changed his life in just four days. Now a lecturer, a rugby coach and motivational speaker, Rich appeared in Stammer School: Musharaf Finds His Voice.


About Rich Whincup

Rich Whincup grew up with aspirations of being a PE teacher, but due to his stammer thought it would never happen. During his first year at university, Rich attended a course run by the McGuire Programme and after 4 days, Rich was able to take control of his stammer for the first time in 19 years and speak! Rich went on to gain an HND from Solihull College and a Degree from Brunel University. Today Rich continues to volunteer for the McGuire Programme, motivating others and helping them to gain control of their speech.


Rich Whincup is forever grateful to the McGuire Programme which changed his life. Having grown up with a debilitating stammer, life changed overnight for him after completing the McGuire programme and Rich was suddenly able to say what he wanted, when he wanted to. Still a huge advocate the programme, Rich now also teaches and coaches the techniques to others which helped him find his voice. With this new-found confidence Rich went on to work in secondary school PE, leisure management, sports development and sports management as he had always dreamed of doing.

In the summer of 2014, he appeared on the Channel 4 documentary ‘Stammer School: Musharaf Finds his Voice’, where Rich helped five students learn to control their speech using the same techniques which changed his life. Both him and the course had an incredible effect on each of the students and as a result they left confident and happy in their stammer control.  Rich’s involvement in ‘Stammer School’ attracted much local and national media interest, including ITV’s ‘This Morning’, BBC Radio 5 Live and ‘The Sunday Telegraph’.   Rich has also found himself in great demand to share his experiences with organisation’s, businesses and schools across the UK. He has been invited to present Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme Gold awards at St James’ Palace, and being a gold award holder himself, Rich is now an ambassador for the award scheme.

Rich Whincup’s speeches are about his personal stammering journey from disability to teaching, how he actively challenges himself in all that he does in order to become a stronger speaker and why he is determined to continue to help other stammerers find their voices.

Speech Topics

Rich’s speeches are about his personal stammering journey from disability to teaching. How he actively challenges himself in all that he does in order to become a stronger speaker and why he is determined to continue to help other stammerers to find their voices.

Taking the Scenic Route: From Disability to Teaching and Television
This talk covers Rich’s journey from inability to communicate as a child and teenager, to joining the McGuire Programme and challenging himself to beat his stammer. The talk includes the importance of challenging oneself to push out our comfort zones and achieve things that we never thought possible. Rich shares how he has turned his life around, and how that the curse of stammering, has now become a blessing.

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"Richard’s personal journey, how he overcame his debilitating stammer to become a lecturer and selflessly dedicates his time helping others to control their speech, is an inspirational story that made a huge impression on the young people collecting their Awards. As Richard said, you don’t have to play the cards you’re dealt with, you’re in control of your life and anything is possible."

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

"It was my pleasure to invite Richard to speak at our conference as I knew the story he had to tell, and also had every confidence that he would enlighten us with both wisdom and humour. I was not disappointed. Rich's story is one of struggle, hard work and ultimately success and inspiration. Rich's speech set the tone for the entire conference, showing us that we don't have to accept what we are given, and through determination, perseverance and the right attitude, we can achieve wonderful things."

Boxhill School

"It was an honour to have Richard present Gold DofE Awards at St. James’s Palace. Not only does he have first-hand experience of the determination and effort needed to achieve a Gold DofE Award, he can also talk about the personal benefits including building confidence, meeting new people, broadening horizons and developing skills for life for work"

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme


Rich Whincup News

May 26, 2022

Top Motivational Speakers for School Events

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