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Mohsin Zaidi

Mohsin Zaidi is an accomplished author, commentator, and lawyer, who has inspired many with his work. His memoir, A Dutiful Boy, has received critical acclaim, winning prestigious awards and being named Book of the Year by several publications. In his book, Mohsin shares his personal experiences and provides valuable insights into issues of diversity, inclusion, mental health, and justice. The Guardian describes it as a "profound meditation on the power of the human heart," while The Times calls it a book that will "save lives."


About Mohsin Zaidi

In addition to his writing, Mohsin is a passionate advocate for LGBT rights, BAME representation, and social mobility. He sits on the board of Stonewall and is recognized by The Financial Times as a top future LGBT leader. As a regular commentator on Sky News and a writer for various publications, including CNN Style, Bustle, Mr Porter, and Newsweek, Mohsin has used his platform to promote important causes and raise awareness about critical issues.

With an impressive background that includes being the first person from his school to attend Oxford University, working as a lawyer at Linklaters, and serving at a UN War Crimes tribunal in The Hague, Mohsin has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from. As a management consultant at advisory firm Hakluyt and a former Judicial Assistant at the UK’s Supreme Court, he brings a unique perspective to his work.

As a speaker, Mohsin is known for his inspiring and engaging style. He has a talent for connecting with audiences and sharing his personal stories in a way that resonates with people from all walks of life. Whether he is speaking about his book, DEI, Mental Health, social mobility, his advocacy work, or his experiences as a lawyer and consultant, Mohsin Zaidi is sure to captivate and inspire any audience.

Speech Topics

Mental Health –  Mohsin addresses the stigma around mental health within ethnic minority communities and draws a parallel between it and a cultural stigma around discussing mental wellbeing in the workplace. Through very personal and at times harrowing tales, Mohsin articulates the case for honesty in personal identity within yourself but also at work and amongst colleagues.  

Social mobility – The single most pressing issue of diversity facing society and businesses is the one to which we give the least attention. While measures of equity on race/gender/sexuality move in the right direction, the gap between rich and poor continues to widen. Through personal experience of growing up in a council house and going to a school ridden with gang violence (a school from which he became the person to go to Oxford University), Mohsin addresses the issue of class bias and discusses what we can do about it. 

D&I / Intersectionality – None of us are just one thing and Mohsin is the personification of an intersectional life. On race, Mohsin has the facts and figures to back up the experiences of ethnic minorities we so often hear about in the news. On class, he speaks candidly about the difference between the world he came from and the world he now lives in. On sexuality, he describes the struggle to accept yourself in the face of cultural stigma. But the strength in his experience lies in the intersectional tale it tells. 

The power of representation – Through eye opening stories in a professional and personal context, Mohsin explains how diverse representation in key roles doesn’t just demonstrate a commitment to being an inclusive organisation but adds value to it.  

Book group – Q&A around the critically acclaimed memoir ‘A Dutiful Boy’, drawing on all the strands Mohsin writes and speaks on. 


Here you can find links to books by Mohsin Zaidi. For bulk book orders for your event please speak with a member of the team.

a dutiful boy book cover

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"We were delighted to have Mohsin talk to clients, partners and staff as part of a joint LGBT+ History Month event with Combar, Techbar and the Chancery Bar Association. Having read from A Dutiful Boy, Mohsin answered questions for nearly an hour – candidly engaging across many of the themes and stories so poignantly told in his memoir. He has a way of tackling difficult subjects such as mental health, intersectionality and class authentically, and in a completely non-preachy way. And he was a delight to deal with."

Allen and Overy LLP

"I have engaged Mohsin as a speaker twice, once at BBC Studios for its Inclusion Summit in 2017 and again at The LEGO Group in time for National Coming Out Day in 2020. Mohsin is an engaging and charismatic speaker on D&I topics including social mobility and mental health, who gives his audience pause for thought and opens up valuable discussions within organisations. Mohsin's professional experience means he is a great collaborator in terms of designing a keynote session or panel discussion, and in both instances I've seen Mohsin tailor his content to specific audiences. The feedback on both his appearances has been excellent."

LEGO Group

"“Mohsin brought every bit of himself to the discussion and let the audience in on the conflict that was raging inside of him for a long time. He deeply moved his listeners and made them re-think what they can do to make their environments more inclusive. He is witty, thought-provoking, eloquent and worth every minute of your time."


"Mohsin’s speaker session at Bain was incredibly powerful. We had an outpouring of positive feedback after the talk – from people expressing both their gratitude for having the chance to be part of an open conversation on critical intersectional topics, and their praise for Mohsin as a powerful storyteller. If you’re an organization that cares about DE&I and mental health you MUST get Mohsin to come for a session with your people."


"A Dutiful Boy is utterly brilliant, and a conversation with Mohsin to get an even deeper insight into his experiences is even better than that. At Mental Health First Aid England we had an hour long conversation. Mohsin answered our questions candidly and generously. I know from feedback that we got goose bumps, felt his pain and felt his joy. The sign of a brilliant conversation is wanting more when it finishes. I was left wanting more."

Mental Health First Aid England

"It was an absolute pleasure to have Mohsin speaking at the Faculty. The event flowed like no other and the conversation covered so many relevant topics, I wish we had him with us for longer. One could see from the numbers and the kinds of questions we received how needed this conversation was and how inspirational Mohsin story is. He was brilliant and we hope he will consider coming back, once the pandemic is over, as he can definitely captivate an audience!"

University of Oxford Law Faculty

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