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Mo Gawdat

Mo Gawdat is the former Chief Business Officer for Google [X]; international bestselling author of Solve for Happy, Scary Smart, and That Little Voice in Your Head; host of the globally popular podcast Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat; and founder of the One Billion Happy movement.

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About Mo Gawdat

Mo has an impressive combined career of 27 years, starting at IBM Egypt as a Systems Engineer before moving to a sales role in the government sector. Venturing in to the UAE, Mo joined NCR Abu Dhabi to cover the non-finance sector. At Microsoft, he assumed various roles over a span of seven and a half years, eventually heading the Communications Sector across Emerging Markets worldwide. Mo joined Google in 2007 to kick-start its business in Emerging Markets. He is fascinated by the role that technology plays in empowering people in emerging communities and has dedicated years of his career towards that passion. Over a period of 6 years, Mo started close to half of Google’s operations worldwide.

In 2013, Mo moved to Google’s infamous innovation arm, Google [X], as Chief Business Officer, where he led the business strategy, planning, sales, business development and partnerships. Google [X] does not attempt to achieve incremental improvements in the way the world works, but instead, it tries to develop new technologies that will reinvent the way things are and deliver a radical, ten fold—10X—improvement. This leads to seemingly SciFi ideas such as: Project Loon, which aims to use high-altitude balloons to provide affordable internet access to the 5 billion people on every square inch of our planet; Project Makani, aiming to revolutionise wind energy generation using autonomous carbon fiber kites; as well as self-driving cars, Google Life Sciences, and many more. The business team under Mo’s leadership designed innovative business models analogous to the disruptive technologies [X] creates and created deep partnerships and global deals that enabled [X] to thrive and build products fit
for the real world.

Alongside his career, Mo remained a serial entrepreneur who has cofounded more than 20 businesses in fields such as health and fitness, food and beverage, and real estate. He has served as a board member in several technology, health and fitness, and consumer goods companies as well as several government technology and innovation boards across the globe. He mentors tens of start-ups at any point in time. Through his 12 years of research on the topic of happiness, Mo and his son Ali created an algorithm and a repeatable, well-engineered model to reach a state of uninterrupted happiness, regardless of the circumstances of life. In 2014, this model was put to the ultimate test when Mo lost his son Ali to preventable medical error during a simple surgical procedure.

In his attempt to honor Ali and deal with his tragic loss, Mo wrote his international bestselling book, Solve for Happy: Engineer Your Path to Joy (2017). The book’s happiness equation and its dedication to Ali serve as the pillar for a Mo’s personal moonshot: a mission to deliver his happiness message to one billion people around the world (#onebillionhappy).

In 2020, Mo launched his successful podcast, Slo Mo: A Podcast with Mo Gawdat, in which he and some of his wisest friends explore the profound questions and obstacles we all face in life. It is frequently the #1 Mental Health podcast in the UK and several other countries around the world.

In 2021, Mo published Scary Smart: The Future of Artificial Intelligence and How You Can Save Our World, a guide to navigating the future of ethics in light of the rise of machines and AI. It was named on of The Times and Sunday Times top business books of the year. His latest book is That Little Voice in Your Head: Adjust the Code That Runs Your Brain (2022), a user
manual for using the human brain optimally to thrive and prevent suffering

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Speech Topics

Solve for Happy
In this seminal talk, Mo Gawdat aims to offer an Engineering approach to happiness based on his International bestselling book, Solve for Happy. The talk discusses the biggest myth we believe about happiness in the modern world and how to overcome the reasons for unhappiness. It offers a solid model to work with, the 6-7-5 model, and takes the audience through practical actions they can take then and there to start their journey on a path to uninterrupted happiness. At the end of the talk, attendees are left with a much clearer understanding of the steps they need to take in order to find happiness even in the harshest of circumstances; and with a clear call to action to invest in their own happiness and the happiness of those they love.

Solve for Happy at Work
In this talk, Mo Gawdat offers solid research on how happiness affects productivity and performance at work, the difference between employee happiness vs. satisfaction, and how managers and HR managers can build an environment that promotes employee happiness based on his international bestseller – Solve for Happy – and his 11 years of experience as a Google executive.
At the end of the talk, the attendees will be left with a much clearer understanding of the value employee happiness brings to company performance and the clear steps to take in order to create a work environment that promotes happiness.

How to Become Unstressable
Based on Mo’s upcoming book with co-author Alice Law, Unstressable, this research backed talk teaches you and your employees the language needed to de-stress your mind and release anxiety, ease self-criticism, end sleepless nights & restore confidence. With less stress comes more focus, fortified resilience, higher productivity, and deepened relationships.

Finding Silver Linings in the Face of Crisis
In Mo’s most popular talk during the COVID-19 pandemic, he answers the following questions: We all want to be happy, but life can be hard. What can we do to stay positive and find hope even in the face of loss and adversity? As Chief Business Officer at Google X, Mo developed “moonshot” ideas to help make the world a better place. Following the tragic death of his son Ali, Mo began a mission to help people become happier. In this unique talk, Mo reflects on the challenges facing our world and shares his secrets for finding silver linings even in a crisis. Mo has discovered that happiness follows a predictable equation and has distilled this into practical actions which are relevant to all of us, no matter our circumstances.

The Illusion of Control
Control is a pervasive modern day illusion. It leads to work related stress and often blurs our judgment, which leads to wrong decisions among professionals in today’s work environment. Worst of all, it goes home with us and causes suffering and unhappiness.

Mo is a retired control freak who learned the the truth about control the hard way. In this workshop, he uses methods ranging from a scientific-mathematical approach to the wisdom of ancient philosophy to bust the myths surrounding our concept of
control. He clarifies the downsides of our constant attempts to achieve this elusive target and lays forth simple rules to help the audience move ahead in life and at work through calculated prioritisation, attention allocation, and committed acceptance.

These concepts not only helped Mo advance his career to reach the highest levels of success as the Chief Business Officer of Google [X] but also helped him survive the loss of his son, turning his loss into a global mission to make one billion people happy. At the end of the session, the attendees will find comfort in understanding the truth about the nature of control. A weight will be lifted, leaving them with the tools they need to achieve happiness and success without the stress resulting from constant attempts to stay in control.

The Illusion of Fear
In this talk/workshop, Mo discusses the realities behind the illusion of fear. Although we kicked the tigers out of our towns and villages long ago, humanity has never experienced such a widespread, growing sense of fear as it does in today’s modern world, both on the individual and collective level. This fear has led to suffering, holding us back and keeping us locked in seemingly endless state of unhappiness. But fear is nothing more than a conditioned, exaggerated illusion. By sharing the truth behind our most common fears, Mo will empower attendees to realize the true power they have to conquer their biggest fears. He will then share a practical, step-by-step method – an interrogation – that each individual can use to systematically grow stronger and braver as they address their fears one by one. Once the fear subsides, attendees will find a new path to realise their full potential for success and happiness both personally and at work.

The Illusion of Thought
It may sound controversial, but no suffering in the history of human kind has ever been the result of anything besides the thoughts produced by our brains. The events of life themselves have no power to make us unhappy unless we grant them that power by
turning them into thoughts that make us suffer. In this talk/workshop, Mo dives deep into what makes up our thoughts and our brain’s tendency to regularly think thoughts that make us unhappy. He will discuss the philosophical and spiritual significance of the mind and the brain and then will dive deep into the neuroscience of unhappiness – the hormonal interactions that trap us in
depression, anxiety, and addiction – and then offer a practical model to begin thinking happy thoughts instead.
The longer version of the workshop also addresses the 7 blind spots of the brain that distort our perception of the truth, leading us to solve the happiness equation incorrectly and causing us needless suffering. (happiness = reality – expectation) By the end of the session, attendees will feel a sense of relief and empowerment to take charge of their incessant negative thoughts, arming them with the practical tools to end those cycles of needless suffering gradually but surely.

The Illusion of Time
This talk/workshop addresses the incredible level of stress that dealing with time causes us in the modern world.

Mo uncovers the truth behind the illusion through a concrete scientific understanding of what time really is (and isn’t). It then discusses the varying cultural and spiritual perceptions of time and offers hands-on exercises to help attendees get a practical
experience that will redefine their relationship with time. The session will also explore the biggest shortcut in our brains that enables us to stop the suffering caused by the way we were wrongly trained from childhood to handle time. Further, it offers a solid scientific explanation of why the growing trend of mindfulness actually works. Between science, practice, spirituality and emotional introspection, this session is frequently called a “life changer” that is not only thought-provoking but thoroughly
entertaining at the same time.

Scary Smart: The Future of AI and How You Can Save Our World
AI is no longer just theory, as popular technologies like ChatGPT are proving concretely. In this popular talk, Mo Gawdat openly discusses – through the lens of a former executive at Google [X] – the current rate of advancement of technology and the
expected technological innovation that will follow in the next 10 to 20 years. Providing a 30-year tech insider’s overview of the state of technology present and future, Mo goes on to address the pressing ethical question this impending science fiction-like
reality will bring. If Artificial Intelligence learns from humans, how do we prevent it from imitating our worst intentions? How do we raise this potentially destructive child in a way that ensures the continued success (and survival) of humanity in this brand-new
world? At the end of this talk, the audience will be given a unique, accurate insider’s view of the incredible – and in many ways, worrying – wave approaching so they may clearly understand the role each of us has to play to ensure our success as it materialises. The very essence of what makes us human – happiness, compassion and love – is what will save humanity in the age of the machines.”

Innovation at Scale: The Principles of Moonshot Thinking
In this talk aimed at decision makers, innovators and policy makers, Mo openly shares the secrets of Google’s innovation factory, [X], through a look at what worked and changed the world and what needed improvement. With a critical insider’s eye, he
shares a systematic approach to building an innovation factory that can transcend the restrictive guidelines of any organisation.

By the end of this talk, Mo leaves the audience with an understanding that the difference between the most and the least innovative organisations is a matter of commitment, mindset, and process. He clarifies, at a top level, the details of these
differences and leaves the audience with the confidence that they too can foster an environment of innovation, along with a call to action to make it happen. Mo accepts only a handful of requests for this talk each year, which he gives exclusively behind closed doors for select groups of executives. His insights have been instrumental in affecting directional change for several major organisations and visionary governments since 2017.


Here you can find links to books by Mo Gawdat. For bulk book orders for your event please speak with a member of the team.

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