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Karl Lillrud

A global thought leader on artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, Karl Lillrud is a beacon in both business and innovation. He is best known from TEDx, the World Economic Forum week in Davos and many other major events around the world. Renowned as a pivotal influencer in AI and business innovation, Karl Lillrud stands at the forefront of technological advancement. His insights inspire transformative thinking, bridging the gap between tech and practical business applications.


About Karl Lillrud

Honoured as a TOP10 AI Thought Leader by Thinkers360 and ranked 11th among the world’s TOP30 speakers by Global Gurus, Karl’s accolades, including the TOP Voice awards, underscore his influential status and expertise in the AI field

Karl’s collaborative endeavors with Fortune 500 giants and innovative unicorn startups demonstrate his versatile expertise and wide-reaching impact in the business world.

His high-profile engagements consistently draw large audiences, highlighting his ability to captivate attendees with his expertise and reputation.

As a best-selling author, Karl’s 9th book, ‘AI, Your Second Brain: Evolve or Go Extinct,’ skillfully demystifies AI, offering accessible strategies for leveraging technology. This work highlights his deep grasp of AI’s complexities and its practical applications.

He provides insight into his depth of knowledge in AI. He covers a range of AI-related topics, including how to harness AI for business growth, driving customer engagement with AI, future of work, AI ethics, and leveraging AI for innovation among others​. His ability to discuss AI from various dimensions, from technical to ethical, showcases his comprehensive understanding of AI. With first-hand experience of the implications of AI, and incorporation of cutting-edge technology, he is a drive for innovative forward-thinking. 

His dynamic presentations empower audiences to harness the potential of disruptive technology. His engaging style makes him a sought-after speaker at international and corporate conferences, effectively translating complex concepts into relatable insights.

His broad spectrum of AI-related topics, coupled with practical insights into leveraging AI for business growth and innovation, set him apart. His practical approach real-world business acumen and a deep understanding of consumer behavior, enables him to provide actionable insights to audiences, thereby making him a relatable and impactful speaker.

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Speech Topics

Karl’s speech topics include, but are not limited to:

  • AI and the impact on the world
  • The future of e-commerce
  • How to increase sales online
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Innovation: Driving Business Growth

Here you can find links to books by Karl Lillrud. For bulk book orders for your event please speak with a member of the team.

ai your second brain by Karl Lillrud You, Me and AI by arl Lillrud Online Terms and Business Acronyms by Karl Lillrud

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"We have been working with Karl in the past and knew inviting him as a guest speaker to one of our events would be good. It actually turned out great. Karl talked about the future for e-commerce, a really current topic. He also brought in aspects as entrepreneurship and innovation, which really made it interesting for the broader group. We will for sure ask Karl to come back again soon."

TEKTalk Stockholm

"Karl was a fantastic speaker with a great presence, packing out the room with an attendance of over 90% capacity."

eCommerce Expo London

"We had the pleasure of having Karl on stage as the final keynote speaker. He inspired the audience, who left with great applause. It was such a pleasure having him on stage and I would recommend him to everybody."

Digital Chambers of Commerce

"Working with Karl is not only a great lesson on the future of e-commerce and retail, but also a pleasure. Karl prepares very carefully for each workshop, explores the topic in depth, and each workshop is tailor-made for the particular client. The participants thanked us for a tremendous lesson and a discussion they didn't want to end."

Digital University

"I would recommend Karl to any group looking for an informative, e-commerce, entrepreneur, no matter the audience. I just can’t thank you enough for your inspiring keynote presentation on E-commerce, your presentation really stands out with real life examples."

The Ministry of E-Commerce

"This was the second time we had Karl involved following a survey that was conducted after our first event involving him, asking him to return. Karl also did a major keynote session whilst he was with us which was a huge sellout. So much so that we had to turn people away due to us being oversubscribed and because we were spilling over capacity. This shows you the quality of the kind of speaker that Karl is.  Karl took the time to understand the audience that he would be speaking to and worked very close alongside us. He becomes a part of the events team in the organizing process, which shows his professionalism. We are in talks with him about the next years event, which is the most valuable testimonial I can give him."

Ecommerce Expo Event 2022

"We had the privilege of hosting an extraordinary keynote speaker, Karl Lillrud, at our event, and we cannot emphasize enough how impactful his presentation was. His expertise, charisma, and ability to captivate the audience were truly remarkable. Karl's profound insights and thought-provoking ideas left a lasting impression on our attendees, sparking meaningful conversations and inspiring positive change. His ability to connect with the audience on a deep level created an engaging and transformative experience for everyone present."

Seamless, Berlin

"Karl Lillrud's keynote at Seamless KSA was nothing short of exceptional. His expertise, passion, and ability to inspire make him a standout speaker in the world of conferences and events. Highly recommend Karl as a keynote speaker to any event looking to provide its audience with a truly transformative experience. Thank you, Karl, for leaving an indelible mark on all of us at Seamless KSA."

Seamless KSA

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