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Henry Cheetham

Henry has led human performance departments in some of the most successful teams and cultures in the world. He has slashed records in professional New Zealand rugby and pioneered culture change across UK Special Forces. He now shares the universal principles so companies can build their own high-performing teams and culture.


About Henry Cheetham

For Henry it all boils down to one single moment. After only two weeks working in professional New Zealand rugby, Henry noticed there was a deeper sense of belonging to the team and community than anywhere he had worked or lived in over the past 24 years. Was this one of the ‘secrets’ underpinning the mythical New Zealand All Blacks, he thought? Needless to say, this kick-started his journey to uncover the universal principles underpinning the world’s best teams. Since then, Henry has led departments in some of the most successful teams and cultures in the world.

He has helped achieve record-low injuries within professional New Zealand rugby, created and led a pioneering culture change program within UK Special Forces, and had unforgettable, life-defining experiences.

He has also built a network of world-class teams. Sharing blueprints and strategies with leaders from the All Blacks, UK Special Forces, Red Bull, Cirque Du Soleil, England Football, Team GB, and the US Navy Seals to name a few. He has worked with world-record setting mountaineers, 1st place transatlantic rowers, and pioneering deep-sea startups.

Yet, his experiences aren’t everyone’s reality. Statistics reveal only 1 in 10 employees feel engaged, and a third of new hires quit within 90 days. Having been tasked with leading a department at the age of 24, he is one of the 82% of leaders who received no prior training. He understands how challenging leadership can be. With 70% of companies perceiving leadership gaps to be their biggest concern. With unprecedented competition for talent, changing generational expectations, economic instability, and remote work the new norm, building a high-performing organisation has never been harder.

By simplifying and sharing the universal principles underpinning the world’s best teams, he helps business leaders build industry-leading teams and culture. Why? So companies can experience life-changing moments, like his.

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Speech Topics

Henry’s speeches include, but are not limited to:

  • From Brecon To Boardrooms: A Special Forces Approach To Hiring The Right People
  • Belonging: How The World’s Best Teams Attract & Retain The Best Talent
  • Culture: How To Build An Environment That Breeds High Performance
  • Campfires, Cages & CEOs: How To Inspire And Align Everyone To Your Mission
  • No Plan Survives First Contact: Creating Resilient, Agile Teams That Thrive Under Pressure
  • Innovate: How  The World’s Best Teams Leverage The Only Sustainable Competitive Advantage
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"Through Henry’s diverse experience across human performance, he has developed a wealth of knowledge on how to support individuals and teams to push beyond what they perceive themselves to be capable of. Henry creates excellent environments for personal exploration and self-discovery, utilising impactful methodologies to help teams unlock their full potential."

UK Special Forces

"I have witnessed Henry’s systematic and sustainable approach to enhancing operational availability, despite challenging financial, time and resource constraints. His success is down to his attention to detail and taking the time to understand the culture, beliefs and demands of those he serves. He utilises this process in order to build trust and deliver highly impactful interventions that generate exceptional results. I would unreservedly recommend Henry to anyone looking to get one step ahead of the competition."

Red Bull

"Henry immediately immersed himself within our organisation, taking the time to understand its culture and the individuals within it. Combining this with his knowledge and experience of human performance from professional sports, he helped develop personal and organisational interventions in order to influence behaviours and drive culture change, consequently increasing availability and performance across the unit. This was achieved with his characteristically positive and professional approach, which allows him to engage and work across wider high performance teams."

Elite Special Forces Operator

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