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Gina Gardiner

Gina Gardiner is a two-time number one international bestselling author, empowerment coach and transformational leadership trainer with over 30 years’ experience helping people achieve happiness and success. After suffering a skiing accident at the age of 29 which meant she was paralysed down one side of her body, Gina’s determination and unwillingness to accept her dire prognosis is the definition of inspirational. Gina is now a fantastic motivational and leadership speaker.


About Gina Gardiner

Gina Gardiner helps business leaders and owners develop their teams to improve and overcome even in the most challenging of circumstances. Her powerful personal tale, delivered by a woman who is imbued with graceful humanity and compassion for the challenges that many people face.  Gina knows how to navigate the worst and she offers lots of practical tips and techniques that have been proven to work effectively and to great success.


Gina Gardiner was once told that she would be confined permanently to a wheelchair and live a highly restricted lifestyle. Not one to accept what she is told, Gina has maintained a positive mindset and sees every challenge as another opportunity. She has a proven track record. All the companies she has worked with in an ongoing capacity have significantly increased their productivity and profitability whilst improving staff relationships, motivation, morale and improving work-life balance for all involved.

Gina was able to run a large U.K. primary school, receiving multiple awards and accolades for the quality of education, all the while suffering from the aftereffects of her accident. But her professional success is also due to her pragmatic and empowering leadership style, which enabled her to build a skilled and highly motivated team. Under her stewardship, they were able to make the school one of the first prestigious ‘Beacon Schools’ in the country and appear twice on the “Best 100 Schools” list during her tenure. An achievement that few fully ‘able-bodied’ professionals are able to achieve.

Since taking early retirement from the world of education, Gina has not rested easy! She has continued to forge a powerful path in the world of business coaching, counting many businesses as her clients and helping many leaders and business owners find their own sense of determination and willingness to embrace the many challenges their businesses and working lives give them, turning them into success and growth.

Gina has written a number of books about her life experiences and leadership approaches, two of which are international bestsellers. She also runs a collaborative online membership coaching organisation that is designed to help individuals benefit from Gina’s considerable expertise as a motivational speaker.

She has created an Empowered Leadership programme with a radically different approach to developing leadership. It is the ‘Iron Man or Woman’ Leadership programme which requires the courage to be honest and to make changes in their lives it is for people Who want to make a positive difference in the world and are ready to take action.

Speech Topics

These are Gina’s current selection of inspiring and motivating speeches.  They all feature Gina’s main themes empowerment, self-improvement, the work of self-development, what an inspirational leader looks like and how a willingness to change one’s thoughts will lead to a happier, more successful and fulfilling life.

Thriving Not Surviving – The 5 Secret Pathways To Happiness Success and Fulfilment

Based on Gina’s latest No 1 International Best Selling Book Gina shares:

The underpinning principles that give you the foundation for achieving a happier life.

The connecting themes that infiltrate the fabric of our lives: knowing them and working on them will optimise the sense of power and freedom in your life.

The 5 secret pathways that offer you a different route on the journey to a happy successful and fulfilling life.

Finding your tribe! Having witnesses to your transformational journey can make it more likely to happen faster and more consistently, helping you to overcome the challenges and celebrate your success.  Learn how to define and find your tribe.


Does leadership feel like you are pushing a large truck uphill without an engine? Or that you are dragging others kicking and screaming to achieve their targets and yours?

Stress, overwhelm and sleepless nights are the reality for many modern -day leaders and managers.

You can choose to continue to do things in that way or to take a radically different approach.

Learn how you can lead successfully with compassion and heart and feel happy and fulfilled?

Discover how being an ‘Enlightened Leader’  can help you and your staff become more confident, happy and fulfilled and at the same time achieve less absenteeism, more creativity, greater productivity, higher profit levels and better work life balance too!


it is not the challenges in our lives that define us, but the way we respond to those challenges. Bested on her No 1 International best selling book Gina shares her story and the strategies she has used to live an empowered life and helped others to do the same.

Booking Information


"One of Canada’s top ‘high-content’ speakers ... consistently ‘highest rated’ ... one of the few to have succeeded in the U.S. market ..."

Meeting Professionals International magazine

"On behalf of all our team of parent support advisers, we would like to thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to attend our area meeting and also for the inspirational and uplifting speech and presentation. Thanks for being a wonderful, amazing woman and special person, and your generosity in sharing your gift of knowledge with people from all walks of life. Keep up the good work!"

Vida - Parent Support Advisor Co-Ordinator

"A good early morning session, motivational, very interesting and truthful. Thank you"

Robert Browring R Browring Developments

"I have heard Gina speak on several occasions and have always found them to be informative and well structured, leaving you feeling fully charged and ready to take on the world with new ideas."

Kevin Unwin KK Mobile Tyre Service Ltd

"Gina delivered a great speech which gave me very precise tips and advice which will help me focus my marketing for the future. I would highly recommend Gina to anyone in business whether they think they need it or not!"

Ross King LG Insurance

"Gina's presentations on preparing young people for employment have given our students a thorough insight into the whole employment process from the perspective of an employer. What made the sessions so useful was the way in which Gina shared her experience of being on a number of interview panels as well as her research into recruitment at other organisations. Our Sixth Formers are now much better equipped not only to secure the all important first interview, but also to ensure that they make the most of their induction period in order to achieve promotion."

Michelle Sonahan Deputy Head Robert Clack School

"Gina has a very unique way of delivering her stuff, she leaves you with much “food for thought”. She empower you with the skills not only for the job market but also for life in general. As a result of her speaking, a lot of our participants have gained their self worth and self confidence."

Etienne Oblado (Project Manager, Skills For You)

"The session was a huge success! Everyone has come away with an idea of how to improve their own Management and Leadership skills, as well as thoroughly enjoying the day. This has enabled us to form our ‘Vision statement’ which is going to form the basis of our business strategy going forward! Thank you for your excellent way of making it clear and concise !"

Lynda Sherwin MInstLM Finance/HR Manager JLS Partnership

"Gina Gardiner is an excellent speaker who covered the topic in an engaging and varied manner throughout. Her presentation was delivered with clarity and the group work was relevant, interesting and informative. The supporting notes provided at the end of the session are also commendable for their high quality."

Paul d’Arcy MRICS Leeds Office Manager

"Gina created a captive audience and held it. She clearly delivered some crucial advice to the group which was well received. I’m certainly taking away some inspiration today! Thank you"

Sally Parkinson Photography

"Fantastic! Inspiring and motivating. You have given me a lot to think about and pointed out problems I knew I had but had not acted on. I will do now!"

Nish Patel, The Shenfield Wine Company

"I first encountered Gina Gardiner at the closing session of my organisation's senior management away day. I have not heard someone speak so well since then. The ideas and truths she shared were compelling and powerful, with a masterful use of language that left a deep impression."

Alex Hill Senior Management (Local Authority)

"As a speaker Gina is highly skilled in delivering relevant lessons in motivation and inspiration that can be transferred across a whole range of disciplines. I would certainly recommend attending one of Gina's presentations."

Gavin Perrett (Director) Liddle Perrett Worldwide (ltd)

Gina Gardiner News

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