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Ghislaine Boddington

Ghislaine Boddington is an incredibly inspiring speaker, and a world-renowned expert in the field of digital identity, virtual presence, and immersive experiences. As a presenter, researcher, podcaster, and curator, she has been sharing her unique perspective globally for over two decades, focusing on the evolution of liveness and virtual physical presence, and exploring the developments in our bodies, senses, and identity. Her aim is to help us evolve intimacy, touch, empathy, and trust in hybrid futures.


About Ghislaine Biddington

Ghislaine’s presentations, podcasts, and consultancies are always insightful and anticipate the difficult questions that researchers, creatives, technologists, policy makers, and the wider public need to debate and consider as our relationship with technology continues to evolve. She provides a fascinating historical perspective, looks at recent developments, and takes us into the future with deep intuitive accuracy.

Her background in performing arts and dance has given her a unique perspective on the use of the body as a digital interaction canvas. She was connecting telepresence stages between performers around the world from the mid-1990s, and in 2017, she was awarded the esteemed SAT IX Immersion Experience International Visionary Pioneer Award in recognition of her long-term and inspirational reflections on the shifts that fast-expanding body-led technologies make to our digital identity and our future as human beings.

Today, Ghislaine Boddington amalgamates her practice-based knowledge of telepresence, virtual worlds, robotics, motion capture, AR/MR, wearables, implants, sense and gesture tech to create future visions. Her ongoing aim is to create a wider debate about both the positive and negative aspects of such evolutions on our living bodies, while finding solutions and forward-thinking approaches that are specific to your needs.

As a Reader in Digital Immersion at the University of Greenwich, Ghislaine is the co-founder and Creative Director of body>data>space, a collective of designers engaged in body-responsive technologies, virtual physical networks, interactive interfaces, and user-centered experiences. She is a member of the UK Government’s College of Experts for the Department of Digital, Culture, Media, and Sports, advising on the futures of creative industries and multiverses.

Ghislaine Boddington has given keynote speeches in over 35 countries across creative industries, culture, policy, education, and corporate sectors. She has worked with prestigious organisations such as Hyundai, BBC, Innovate UK, Nesta, Telefonica, FutureFest, Mobile World Congress, Cambridge University, ICA, Deutsche Bank, EU Forum Europe Digital, Here East/Plexal, DCMS, British Council, Imperial College, and the National Theatre. Through these projects, she has created moving and transformational links between thousands of people across the world. Her ideas and work have been covered by the press and TV, including Independent, Financial Times, Forbes, Tech Trends, Guardian, Le Monde, and others. Ghislaine is regularly invited to provide topical commentary for TV, radio, and government reports, remaining at the forefront of the futurist debate.

Ghislaine is also a strong equity advocate. From 2017-2021, she was Spokesperson and lead mentor for Deutsche Bank’s ‘Women Entrepreneurs in Social Tech’ accelerator. For the last 10 years, she has been an active mentor and Trustee for Stemettes Futures, a program aimed at inspiring young women into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM) careers.

Speech Topics

Ghislaine Boddington’s keynotes include but are not limited to:

  • Future Human: The Body is the Interface

The integration of humans with our evolving technologies is moving faster than we realise, pointing to major transformations not only to our bodies, but to our understanding of ourselves and our identities. Ghislaine shares her thoughts on the directions being taken and the potential positive and negative outcomes ahead, extending the debate over the enhancement of our bodies through an examination of the link between personal data and embedded biometric technologies.

  • Women in Tech; Diversity and Inclusion enables innovation

Ghislaine is well known for her long-term advocacy for diversity in collaboration, believing strongly that this is the only future pathway for creating truly inclusive innovations. She proposes a clear view on why we should prioritise gender equity in the tech sector, which is based on her work founding one of the first women in tech networks Women Shift Digital, as Spokesperson for Deutsche Bank’s accelerator Women Entrepreneurs in Social Tech and as a Trustee of the Stemettes.

  • Experience Economy: How Technology will Define Collaborations

As we mature through the digital revolution our basic human need for collaboration is starting to define the types of experiences we want our technologies to offer us – interactive, reflective and conducive to the creation of a more positive life.

  • Bio-hacking Onstage: Live Human Chip Implant

As the sci-fi vision of the digital human starts to become reality, how can we ensure and prepare for a positive enhancement of our human selves? As technologies move inside our bodies Ghislaine presents examples of the burgeoning interest in non-medical implants – personalised for our own needs and able to replace several day-to-day requirements such as keys, travel and finance cards or enabling us to open our phones, laptops and homes with gestural swipes.

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