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Arti Shah

Arti Shah an actress, motivational speaker & inclusion advocate. Born with a condition called ‘pseudoachondroplasia’, Arti’s acceptance of who she was has led her to overcome challenges, stereotypes & live a life full of positivity. Arti deliver’s her colourful, captivating, and thought-provoking talks with energy, inspiration, and honesty.


About Arti Shah

Arti Shah is a British Asian woman, was born with a condition called ‘pseudoachondroplasia’. Pseudoachondroplasia is known to be a form of dwarfism.  Arti believes that no one should be labelled and put into a box. She calls herself a small person.

Her early life seemed ‘normal’ until the age of 14 when, Arti had stones thrown at her and was called names which almost lead her to have leg lengthening surgery.  One week before the surgery, Arti pulled out as she released that she was only doing this to fit into what she believed society expected of her.  Arti realised that is she did not love who she was, how could she expect anybody else to accept her. Arti has been breaking down barriers and stereotypes since then.

But what is normal?  Arti came to realise that she was doing this to fit in for others’ benefit, and not for hers.  This was a turning point for her, she then knew that if she did not love who she was, then how could she expect others to accept her?

As she grew up and became more comfortable with herself, she acknowledged that being unique and standing out from everyone else can be a positive attribute.  Which she encourages others to think this way.

As a successful business graduate, her career began in Media Sales and Recruitment, she then set up her own business in London before following her lifelong dream to pursue a career in acting which has since taken her around the world.

She is an Actress & Motivational Speaker and has worked on the recent ‘Star Wars Trilogy’, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, ‘Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows’ films & ‘Attack the Block’. On top of all these achievements, Arti is also a wife and proud mother to a young son.

Arti’s acceptance of who she was has lead her to live a life full of positivity, yet with so many challenges and it’s how she overcomes these challenges which makes her stand out. Her achievements have only just begun. She is creating a path where she is changing perceptions.

She has first- hand experience of  overcoming stereotypes and what obstacles need to be removed to allow inclusion.  Arti delivers her colourful and thought-provoking life story with energy, positivity, and honesty.

Arti share’s her personal experiences and life challenges through motivational and inspirational speaking with the aim of inspiring others in their own life, work and personal struggles.

Arti is a firm believer in the mantra, “Hard Work, Sheer Determination and Self Belief” with this always in mind, she believes that anything you put your mind to, can be possible.

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Speech Topics

Arti’s speech’s include, but are not limited to:

  • Overcoming challenges
    Overcoming my condition of pseudoachondroplasia as an example and not giving up – everyday. In the work place and in society. Giving examples adapted to each talk for each relevant group.
  • Breaking down barriers and stereotypes
    Because of the way you look, this should not define where you belong.
  • Diversity & Inclusion
    The importance of why this should not be a tick box task & how to make everyone feel included and adapting situations.
  • Unconscious bias
    How the media plays a big part in the rewiring our brains.  Also being aware to surround yourself with a diverse environment. Educating yourself to help remove unconscious bias.
  • Allyship
    If you see someone struggle, be that friend, be their voice, be their ally. The importance of changing someone’s life by being an ally.
  • Equality
    How we are all equal and deserving. Overcoming the stigma that any one group can be superior.
  • Belonging
    Not just feeling the need to belong, overcoming your negative thought process and also being aware to make sure the environment is belonging for all.
  • Confidence
    Advice on everyday confidence, how to develop the inner confidence and radiate it. Believing in yourself.
  • Being unique can be positive
    Giving myself as an example and so many others.  Its so important not to blend into society, it’s a great thing to be different.
  • Creating a positive mindset
    My mantra and talking about self-assurance.  Turning negative thoughts into a positive.  Why you should not let strangers comments affect you.
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome
    We all deserve the good things we have; we deserve the achievements.  To talk yourself up and not down.
  • Social media bullying/bullying
    Giving examples of how I overcome this and not being afraid to use my voice.
  • The importance of speaking up
    If you don’t ask for help, you suffer. It is the fear of asking which we need to overcome.
  • Asking for help
    Thinking about this is harder than actually doing it and how you will benefit in the long term.
  • Feeling heard and involved
    We can all do this and how we do this will be beneficial for us in the long term. Using your voice again, being an ally, getting an ally. You are not alone.
Booking Information


"Thank you so much for coming to speak to us today! Everyone I’ve spoken to so far really enjoyed your session."

GL Assessment

"I cannot stress enough how much of an impact you have had on the women at Ground Control. When you left, we had break-out sessions and so many women opened up about how they were feeling. It was a truly amazing experience and we are going to continue our talks. So, I thank you so much for that. You have made a difference in our lives."

Ground Control

"We all loved it, we had so many people participating from the Women @ King network and your story was such an inspiration to all of us – what a lovely way to spend an hour and to learn from your experience."


"I wanted to say a massive thank you for today’s talk.  I really enjoyed hearing your perspective on all the issues of diversity and representation in Film & TV and about your background.  Your thoughts on how we can be better Ally’s were also really useful."


"Arti, I just wanted to pass on our thanks and some feedback we’ve received. Your talk was excellent, and I’ve had several emails from staff saying you are so inspirational and such a role model, which I completely agree with. Really appreciate you joining us."

London Fire Brigade

"Arti kindly agreed to speak at our Junior School Awards event. Her enthusiasm, energy and passion for life was apparent from the moment she stepped up on stage. She captivated her audience from the outset and spoke from the heart. Her message was one which was extremely relevant and her experiences and words inspired all that listened to her. A very natural and charismatic speaker, Arti has a real gift in motivating those who have the privilege in listening to her speak. Finding a speaker next year that comes even close to Arti’s standard is going to be a tall order."

Quinton House Junior School

"Arti that was a fantastic speech!!! Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and for a truly inspiring talk."


"We booked Arti for a motivational talk for International Women’s Day. She did not disappoint. Her content was pitched perfectly. Arti shared her personal journey and gave us insight into how she rose above some of the challenges she faced along the way. She has inspired us all to believe in ourselves!"

Surrey County Council

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