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Chief Executive of Ariadne Capital, Julie Meyer has 18 years of investment and advisory experience, helping start-up businesses and industry standards to emerge and establish themselves. She is a hugely successful entrepreneur and a prolific speaker whose speeches truly inspire and inform.

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Julie Meyer is world-famous speaker with a wealth of global audiences who have been inspired to innovate, transform and engage with technological evolution after listening to her empowering story and passionate lessons about investing, technology, leadership, economics and the digital age.

Julie is a leading investor and entrepreneur in digital, high-growth, early stage businesses. She has driven many initiatives for creating wealth and growth in the European economy and trusts people's ingenuity to both solve the world's problems and to expand prosperity through corporate digital transformation. To that end, in 1998 Julie founded First Tuesday, the network of entrepreneurs which many credit for igniting the internet generation in Europe.

First Tuesday was sold in July 2000 for $50 million in cash and shares after which Julie founded Ariadne Capital to create a new model for the financing of entrepreneurship in Europe and the UK: that of "Entrepreneurs Backing Entrepreneurs". Bringing together 62 leading entrepreneurs and business builders who became core shareholders, Julie also started an Ariadne Capital Entrepreneurs Fund and promoted, worldwide, the model of ‘Ecosystem Economics™’. Julie is a world expert in advising large corporates, family businesses and high net worth investors on how to engage and interact with the vast, global, entrepreneurial networks she helped to amass.

In its first 13 years, Ariadne Capital has backed at least 7 explosive growth companies, including Skype, Monitise, BeatThatQuote, Espotting, SpinVox, Zopa, and SoundOut. Julie was personally involved with the development of these companies and uses her experience in this evolving market to enthuse, encourage, caution and engage the entrepreneurs and leading businessmen of today. On the basis of this outstanding track record, Julie has been awarded an MBE (Member of the British Empire) by the British Government for Services to Entrepreneurship.

Moreover, Julie is one of the world’s leading businesswomen (one of INSEAD's Top 50 Alumni, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, a World Economic Forum Global Leader of Tomorrow, one of TIME Magazine’s Digital 50, WIRED's 100, London's 1000 Most Influential People 2010 & 2011 (Evening Standard) and in the Top 30 Most Influential Women in Europe in the Wall Street Journal, Europe. She speaks worldwide on the nature of leadership in the Feminine Age and is on the board of Directors at Vestergaard Frandsen, INSEAD (her business school) and Medikidz, which educates children about health problems through child-friendly media.

Julie’s first book ‘Welcome to Entrepreneur Country’ was published in June 2012.


“Julie’s book [Welcome to Entrepreneur Country] has changed so much of the way I think about things...thank YOU.....your citation 'think big, start small, act fast' on the back of your book is what I've realised defines the 30% Club journey - I didn't appreciate that at the time, but now it all makes sense that's how things have 'happened' with that project, way exceeding other ventures I've been involved with.”

Helena Morrisey – CEO, Newton Asset Management

You have the power to transform.

Christina Domecq – CEO, SpinVox

For too long, we British have been a bit sniffy about entrepreneurialism, regarding individual capitalism as something rather vulgar. Well, personal enterprise and innovation among small companies is the only dynamic that will propel us into a prosperous future. Whether at First Tuesday, Ariadne Capital or through Entrepreneur Country, Julie Meyer has long been a charismatic champion of entrepreneurialism in Britain. She’s shown us the way through her own endeavours and by broadcasting the achievements of others. Julie knows - Britain’s got entrepreneurial talent. She’s a superstar.

Matthew Rock - Co-founder & Communications Director, Caspian Publishing

I just wanted to thank you for your time, energy and intellect last night. You pitched perfectly providing inspirational words without ever patronising. We have received many complimentary emails today and that’s down to your significant contribution. I thoroughly enjoyed dinner and enjoyed your company immensely.
Steven Smith - Digital Industry Director, Liverpool Vision
I just wanted to thank you on behalf of the TiE President, Charter Members, general members and guests for speaking on Monday evening. We have had fantastic response to your talk – everyone found it fascinating to hear the real people behind the ‘VC’ tag which sends shivers down most people’s backs. I think most people are quite daunted with the thought of approaching one!

Jean Drinkwater - The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Manchester

On behalf of Crimson, I wanted to thank you so much for your contribution to the Startups Awards - not only as a judge but as an award presenter on the afternoon. All the winners’ interviews show you what your judging decisions meant to the winners. Quite touching! We were delighted that you could take part and hope you enjoyed the afternoon. Looking forward to hopefully involving you in our events in the future.

Heather Olhausen – Events Manager, Crimson Business

It was refreshing to see someone with so much passion and belief in what they do. Have a great day and don't forget to relax occasionally, stay positive.
Andrew Britton – Finance Director, W R Evans

The cofounder of FirstTuesday is bringing the spirit of American venture capitalism to Europe's new breed of Internet startups.


Thank you so much for your speech and attendance at our Women in Structured Finance event yesterday. I have received so many fantastic comments for the people who attended -
“inspirational”, “uplifting”, “simply brilliant” are just a few.

Mia Drennan - Managing Director, SquareMile Connections

We are most grateful for to you for sparing your time to participate in the conference and for giving such an interesting and thought provoking address.

Mark Gough - Head of Editorial, Financial Times

I found Julie Meyer to be a particularly inspiring speaker and it was a great experience to see someone obviously [at] the very top levels, yet still being able to find the time to come along and encourage the rest of us at the workshop.

Delegate - Equalitech: Advancing Women in ITEC

I wanted to thank you for your keynote speech today. While the content was both timely and full of relevant material I was struck by what an excellent public speaker you are and how you captured and held the audience’s attention (Including my own). It's not often that a speaker truly causes the audience to think and reflect. Usually it is a self aggrandizing diatribe or even worse someone preaching and pontificating to their own goals. You talk was refreshing.

Cam Edgar - Vice President Business Development & Sales, One Power

Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed your presentation at the IRX in Birmingham this week, I found it very compelling, relevant and a great source of inspiration… Really, Really, Really Good! Thank you
John Taylor - Global Brand & European Marketing Director, ThinkSmart
Julie, you were sensational – I was absolutely riveted by everything you said. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your having given us your time like that.

Julia Hobsbawm - Chief Executive, Editorial Intelligence


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Capitalism Seduced the Globe

· The Innovator’s Dilemma – Why Difficult Times
Make for Better Businesses

· Entrepreneur Country – a History of the First
10 Years of Commercial Development of the Internet

· What’s a Nice Chick Like You Doing in Business
Women and Leadership

· Redefining the Financing of Entrepreneurship – What Venture Capital Needs to Do

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