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Ray Hammond

Ray Hammond is Europe’s most experienced futurologist, with a proven track record for forecasting accuracy. For 35 years he has been studying the major trends that will shape the future and is now living in the period that he first described three decades ago.


About Ray Hammond

Ray Hammond provides keynotes, after-dinner speeches, workshops and seminars for the world’s major corporations, governments and non-profit organisations. Ray is without a doubt an exceptional speaker receiving the utmost praise from all of his events.


Ray Hammond is Europe’s most experienced, most successful and most widely published futurologist. For over 30 years he has researched, written, spoken and broadcast about how major trends will affect society and business in the future.  He is a naturally gifted speaker and storyteller. Although Ray Hammond speaks extemporaneously, he always speaks to the brief and from the research he prepares. His track-record as a trend spotter and natural ability as a speaker distinguishes him from other more recently-arrived futurists or futurologists.

No European futurist competitor can offer a similar long-term body of published work about the future. He is a futurologist who has been proved right by the passage of time.  As a gifted and inspirational keynote speaker, Ray is in world-wide demand by businesses, governments and non-government organizations. His speaking topics include the impact of technology and innovation on business growth, the importance of sustainable business models and the continuing significance of globalization.  Based in London, Ray also provides many academic lectures around the world. Listen here to his podcast for Oxford University, ‘The Seven Key Drivers Of The Future’ or you can watch a video of his lecture for The Cass Business School at the University of London. Ray is a contributor to the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland, U.S.A. and he is an elected Fellow of the U.K.’s Royal Society of Arts (F.R.S.A.).

Ray has been fortunate enough to speak for and to be invited back by many of the world’s biggest companies including; Apple, GE, IBM, MasterCard, HSBC, Barclaycard, McKinsey, Intel, Samsung, SAP, Adobe, Siemens, Dow Chemicals, Intel, Ernst & Young, Johnson & Johnson, Shell, Microsoft, Cisco, Accenture, and so many more.  A best-selling author, who has written 16 books about the future, the first of which was published in 1982. Most notably, his work from 1984, ‘The Online Handbook’, which was the world’s first book to describe the commercial potential of the internet and to identify the importance of “search”.

Speech Topics

Ray Hammond’s generic title for a keynote presentation is ‘The Seven Key Drivers of the Future’. In this speech, he identifies and explains the implications of the most important trends likely to shape business and society over the next ten to twenty years. The presentations can be tailored to client requests.

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"Ray Hammond is a dynamic, insightful and very captivating speaker. He had the audience on the edge of their seats."

Citrix Systems, USA

"Ray has a natural gift for speaking. He has a conversation with his audience a conversation many are reluctant to end."


"Ray's speech was stimulating and inspiring. He brought logic to bear on the opportunities and challenges facing the travel industry in the next 30 years."

Pacific Asia Travel Association

"Ray Hammond’s outstanding presentation skills and sound expert knowledge enabled him to provide a valuable and successful contribution."


"On behalf of 650 spellbound delegates, thank you Ray. Your keynote address was just brilliant and we have had rich feedback. Your address was incisive, relevant, encouraging, frightening, profound and funny!"


"Ray delivered the best keynote presentation I've ever heard!"

Union Of The European Lubricants Industry

"I was due to go on after Ray and introduce the next speaker. But when he had finished I wasn't sure I could do it. I needed time to think about what he had said"


"Mr Hammond's excellent speech opened our eyes to many important aspects of our daily life which we do not normally take into account. The participants at the congress will not forget his impressive conclusions. We are very proud he made it to Berne"


"I’m someone who takes information in visually. When I heard that Ray Hammond didn’t use any visual aids I was worried that I’d lose track. But he was superb – he had me riveted for the whole hour. It was a tour de force of a presentation!"

The Morgan Crucible management conference

"Ray Hammond is one of the best public speakers we have ever seen. Without a single note or slide, he delivered a riveting, totally captivating one hour keynote speech at our Monaco Management Conference."


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