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Mats Lewan

Mats Lewan is an accomplished author, international keynote speaker, futurist, and research analyst who has devoted his career to exploring the intersection of technology and humanity. He has worked for over fifteen years as a science and technology reporter for Ny Teknik, Sweden's leading technology magazine, and was the founder and managing editor of Next Magasin, a forward-looking Swedish digital magazine.


About Mats Lewan

Previously he worked internationally as a freelance journalist, and as a reporter for CBS CNET News in San Francisco while attending the Innovation Journalism Program at Stanford University.

As an author and journalist, Mats explores the interplay between innovation, technology and humanity. In his documentary book An Impossible Invention he follows a controversial inventor in his quest for developing an energy source that is considered to be impossible, defying the existing scientific paradigm. Yet, in the same field, hundreds of documented experiments by experienced
researchers have provided evidence of energy release that is elusive and hard to explain.

Mats is also a management consultant, helping organizations understand and prepare for the future by developing and communicating key future perspectives and scenarios, conducting research and analysis, and providing strategic guidance and support for change management efforts.

Moreover, Mats is a sought-after moderator with a broad range of interests, ranging from philosophy and psychology to leadership and strategy. His extensive knowledge in technology has equipped him with the ability to comprehend and discuss topics across various industrial fields. He is adept at tailoring his approach to cater to his audience’s needs, ensuring the right mix of facts, inspiration, and humor to keep them engaged throughout the discussion.

Mats Lewan holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He is fluent in English, Italian, and Swedish, which allows him to communicate effectively across borders and cultures.

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Speech Topics

Mats’ talks include, but are not limited to:

Futuristic Leadership – The Manager Who Sees Around the Corner
In a world where the rate of change is higher than ever, leaders must not only adapt to new working methods and expectations but also prepare for upcoming changes. Mats Lewan provides the necessary understanding and insights to achieve this.

Leading Different Personalities in a Digitalized World
In a rapidly changing world, some employees are excited to explore new things while others prefer fine-tuning existing business practices, regardless of age. Both groups are necessary when technology is driving change at a rapid pace. Therefore, it’s essential for leaders to provide the right support to both groups and encourage communication between them. Mats Lewan takes you on a journey and explains how to accomplish this.

The Intrapreneur is Your Best Friend When the World Changes
As the world changes at an ever-faster rate, innovation is crucial to staying ahead of the curve. However, innovation often remains a mere aspiration. The key to successful innovation lies with intrapreneurs –dreamers who do. Mats Lewan explains that specific structures and roles within the organisation are required to nurture and empower intrapreneurs, and how small investments can lead to substantial and successful innovations.

Technology Changes the World, But People Make It Magical
Mats Lewan looks to the future by examining the past. He explains how technology and innovation have always driven change throughout history, and why digitalization and AI continue to do so. However, he also emphasizes that it’s humans who fill the world with experiences, making it magical. Therefore, we must pay special attention to those aspects that cannot be measured.

Tomorrow’s transportation – from environmental villain to environmental hero
With multiple simultaneous technology shifts and passionate entrepreneurs with visions of sustainable and smart transportation, the transportation industry is undergoing significant changes. In this talk, Mats Lewan draws on years of experience monitoring and analyzing innovation and technological progress in different parts of the transportation industry. He explains how it now has an opportunity transform itself from environmental villain to environmental hero – a journey that affects us all, daily.


Here you can find links to books by Mats Lewan. For bulk book orders for your event please speak with a member of the team.

Mats Lewan

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"An amazing and inspiring talk initiated by bringing an uneasy and unsettling feeling when Mats in an excellent manner visualises where our world is headed and at what furious pace this is happening. The lecture ends splendidly where the audience's feeling of unease is abruptly replaced by hope in that he manages to raise awareness of the enormous and amazing opportunities we have in the radical paradigm shift that we currently find ourselves in."

Karolinska Institutet

"I asked my colleagues and they had these comments: Thoughtworthy! Well prepared and pedagogic! Passionate! Exhilarating! Exciting! Engaging! Revolutionary! Recommended! Everyone should get his lecture."

Swedish Public Employment Service

"I would like to thank you Mats for the outstanding and thought provoking presentation you held at the inauguration of our new production facilities in Stenungsund, Sweden. We are a 'bricks and mortar' type of company with a traditional thinking style. The use of new technology is not obvious to us. Nevertheless, you were able to take an idea from concept into something exciting and visual, that really reinforced the message you wanted to get across. You managed to inspire a large and diverse group of people with your way of communicating in an excellent way. I would warmly recommend others to use your services."

Perstorp Holding AB.

"I have had the privilege of collaborating with Mats several times in recent years and he impresses me greatly with his versatility. He excels as a lecturer, and has a deep competence in many different areas. He excels as a moderator, is well versed in the subjects being discussed as well as in the background and the area of competence of the speakers. With the help of his own interest and knowledge in the issues, he guides the speakers or panel members in order to create an interesting and inspiring situation that is welcomed by the participants and the audience."

"I just have to thank you Mats Lewan, publicly, who today delivered a brilliant standup lecture, straight up and down with all its rhetorical tricks. I have seen thousands of lectures, as an audience, as a moderator and the new thing is a demand for short speeches followed by conversations and reflections. This was simply the best I've seen in that genre. Thanks for coming Mats and brightening up the convention."

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