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Hamed Amiri

Hamed Amiri is a respected senior leader in the tech sector, an accomplished public speaker and a refugee from Afghanistan. From a harrowing 18 months journey from Afghanistan to UK, Hamed has also become the author of the best-selling book of “The Boy With Two Hearts”. Hamed and his family embarked on a perilous journey to seek refuge in the UK in an attempt to prolong his bother Hussein's life.


About Hamed Amiri

Hamed Amiri, born in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, embarked on an extraordinary journey that led him to escape to the UK at the age of ten. His compelling memoir, “The Boy With Two Hearts,” intricately details his family’s perilous quest for refuge in the UK, a journey overshadowed by his brother Hussein’s terminal illness. The narrative explores the profound themes of love, family, and brotherhood, earning widespread acclaim and subsequently being adapted for theater, captivating audiences in Cardiff, London and currently touring internationally.

Hamed’s resilience and determination are exemplified by his personal journey from initially facing challenges in academia, where he initially struggled and failed A levels, to his current position as Chief of Staff. This transformative experience shaped his perspective on adversity, instilling in him the fortitude to overcome obstacles and emerge as a leader.

Beyond his role as an author and storyteller, Hamed assumes the vital position of Chief of Staff, orchestrating key aspects of organizational strategy and management. His leadership extends beyond corporate realms, as he serves as an inspirational speaker, weaving his personal journey into motivational narratives that resonate with diverse audiences.

Driven by his family’s experience caring for Hussein, Hamed is a dedicated ambassador for the Welsh charity Daring to Dream. His commitment to positive change led him to embrace the role of an influencer and motivational speaker, inspired by his brother’s passion for societal betterment. Through sharing his family’s poignant story, Hamed aims to illuminate the injustices faced by refugees and advocate for diversity, fostering understanding and empathy on a global scale.”

Speech Topics
  • My Journey – Discussing my journey as a child, to adulthood which has multiple themes, Refugee journey from Afghanistan to UK, Mental resilience I learned on my journey and how to put into daily life, how I went from not being able to speak a word of English to become best selling author and playwright whilst succeeding in tech sector
  • Life lessons – What have I learned over the years as life lessons that can be applied and aid others on their personal journey
  • Never Give Up – How I went from 3 U’s in A Levels to Chief of Staff at PWC, published author, play writer
  • Process of grief – Talk through my grief process and how I navigated out of it but used  the raw energy into something positive and everlasting
  • Creating the right culture – What are the key ingredients into creating a right culture and what have I learned over the years in professional environment to create rich, diverse, high performance teams
  • It’s ok not being ok – To discuss the mental health aspect of our lives and how I navigated through depression, lack of self belief and how it’s Ok not being Ok, especially being Male/BAME 

Here you can find links to books by Hamed Amiri. For bulk book orders for your event please speak with a member of the team.

The Boy with Two Hearts Hamed Amiri

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"We recently invited Hamed Amiri to be our keynote speaker at The Nation of Sanctuary Award 2023, it was a pleasure to be able to have Hamed amongst us. We were blown away by his story, especially how eloquently he spoke about the difficulties he faced in coming to the UK. I would highly recommend Hamed as an expert speaker for public engagement events. He is a passionate, evocative speaker, who focuses on the reality of a refugees journey through the UK asylum system."

"What inspired me was the quote he said that one of his friends told him which was "Aim for the stars to land on the moon". also, how he never gave up and how he took his brother as a role model and carried on his Legacy."

"He inspired me by to keep trying even if you don't feel like you can make it or achieve it cause you never know what the future can hold if you just don't give up."

"They were surprised how someone who didn't do so particularly well in school could achieve so much with hard work and dedication."

"Hamed is a Muslim, therefore they could relate to him from an Islamic perspective, particularly how his faith in Allah gave them hope."

"Felt touched by his story, his journey and struggle for survival for both himself and family."

Hamed Amiri News

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