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Chris Packham

Chris Packham is a very well known naturalist, TV presenter, photographer, author and speaker. He is instantly recognisable for his enthusiastic presenting style on ‘The Really Wild Show and BBC nature series Springwatch. As well as being arguably the most engaging wildlife expert of his generation, he also has a sharp business brain, having founded a leading wildlife production company.


About Chris Packham

Chris Packham loves all things wild and his extensive knowledge of natural history has made him a successful author, photographer and presenter. In this show, Chris humorously and knowledgeably engages the audience. You discover how to get more wildlife onto your doorstep with a bucket of cold water, and what assassins, thugs and thieves threaten your garden pond – and much, much more!!


Chris Packham was born in Southampton in 1961 and as soon as he was crawling around suburbia ladybirds were being desiccated in matchboxes and tadpoles tortured in jam jars.

As his husbandry skills improved the menagerie soon expanded to include large collections of reptiles (inside) and birds of prey, foxes, badgers, squirrels etc (generally outside). A precocious young scientist, swat and nerd in training Chris studied Kestrels, Shrews and Badgers as a teen before continuing his studies during his undergraduate days at the Zoology department of Southampton University. Whilst at Durham he also firmly embraced punk rock and played in a band where his DIY ethos and determination to never take ‘no’ for an answer were established.

Post graduation and a cancelled PhD, (the Badgers were getting a bit much), he began taking still photographs and trained as a wildlife film cameraman. The photography continues with exhibitions and invitations to judge prestigious competitions but the camerawork gave way to presenting. Chris began with the award winning ’Really Wild Show’ in 1986 and has been working ever since. Credits include, ‘Wildshots’, ‘Wild Watch’, ‘Go Wild’, basically lots of things with ‘wild’ in the title. ‘X-Creatures’, ‘Postcards from the Wild’, ‘Hands on Nature’ and most recently ‘Natures Calendar’.
At the turn of the century Chris ran a hugely successful production company ‘Head over Heels‘ making programmes for Animal Planet, National Geographic, ITV and the BBC.

He has presented the BBC nature series Springwatch since 2009.

Chris has had the good fortune to travel widely and he has explored many habitats from Antarctic Islands, rainforests, deserts, the Everest range, the deep oceans and some of the planets most notorious nightclubs and drinking dens. He is a sucker for Archaeology and likes to holiday amongst ruins.

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